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    A Critical History of Contemporary Architecture: 1960-2010

    R790,00 R1 145,83
    This book provides a comprehensive, critical overview of the developments in architecture from 1960 to 2010. The first section provides a presentation of major movements in architecture after 1960, and the second, a geographic survey that covers a wide range of territories around the world.

    Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation

    R359,00 R382,96
    Acclaimed exploration of the political space created by Israel's colonial occupation.

    Town and Country Planning in the UK

    R1 102,00 R1 559,37

    Architecture as the Ethics of Climate

    R701,00 R836,82

    The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives

    R649,00 R840,84
    A gorgeous volume show-casing the homes of 15 creatives (artists, designers, musicians, art directors, perfomers) and how they translate their style into their homes

    Architectural Drawing

    R473,00 R745,00

    Bloomsbury in Sussex

    R182,00 R214,36
    The Bloomsbury group was the most innovative and influential group of pioneering modernist artists, writers and designers in early 20th century Britain. This work talks about how their murals and other decorations provide a unique picture of the aims and ideals associated with the group in the early decades of the last century.

    On Altering Architecture

    Bringing together interior design and architectural theory, this book looks at various practices of building alteration, considering ideas and methods, to initiate the creation of a theory of the interior or interventional design. It examines case studies of interventional design from architectural history taken from the States, Europe and Japan.

    The Essential Frank Lloyd Wright: Critical Writings on Architecture

    R357,00 R381,43
    Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered a bold kind of architecture, one in which the spirit of modern man truly 'lived in his buildings'. This title presents a compendium of Wright's some of the most critically important - and personally revealing - writings on various conceivable aspects of his craft.

    Drawing Architecture and the Urban

    R729,00 R829,10
    Drawing is an important means to analyse information and develop rigorous arguments both conceptually and visually.

    A Cottage in the Country: Inspirational Hideaways

    R298,00 R352,26
    A collection of the most fascinating and picturesque cottages from the National Trust.

    Basics Lighting Design

    R262,00 R275,03
    Typical architectural concepts have changed in recent years and buildings have been designed that respond to the climate conditions of their environment, thereby using only a reduced amount of energy without compromising on comfort. The volume presents the major principles of daylight and artificial lighting design.

    Computational Architecture: Digital Designing Tools and Manufacturing Techniques

    R227,00 R299,00
    New title in the Architecture and Design Experiments Series about digital tools and techniques.

    The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design

    R1 075,00 R1 240,88
    Human factors research impacts everything from the height of kitchen counters to the placement of automobile pedals to a book's type size. And in this updated and expanded version of the original landmark work, you'll find the research information necessary to create designs that better accommodate human need.

    Wexford Castles: Environment, Settlement and Society

    R1 285,00
    Billy Colfer's Wexford Castles expands the IRISH LANDSCAPES series by taking a thematic approach, while still staying loyal to the central landscape focus. Rather than adapting a narrowly architectural approach, he situates these buildings in a superbly reconstructed historical, social, and cultural milieu.