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    With a dab of bright icing and a sprinkle of colour, you can transform drab sugar cookies into glowing planets, plain marshmallows into scary zombies and simple cake pops into blooming flowers. Meaghan Mountford,?creator?of?the?blog?The?Decorated?Cookie?and?the?Edible Crafts?editor?of?,?shares?her?secrets?for?producing adorable, edible art. Full of beautiful colour photos and illustrated step-by-step directions, this guide will demystify professional techniques so that anyone can learn how to pipe icing like a pro and have fun with fondant. YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO CREATE: Milkshake cake pops Barnyard animal snack cakes Petit-four presents Deep sea creature cupcakes Marshmallow villages and much more! With the lively inspiration and foolproof directions in this book, you can discover how to personalise any sweet treat and turn your home kitchen into a studio for sugarlicious works of art! Meaghan Mountford has been a professional cookie decorator for over a decade. Her cookies have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Modern Bride and Chocolatier magazine. She is the author of Cookie Sensations and lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and daughter.

    1 Mix 50 Muffins

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    From just one simple batter, create fifty mouthwatering muffins. Whether it's for a healty breakfast snacks, indulgent mid- afternoon nibble or a dreamy dessert muffins are versatile and easy to make the ultimate convenience food!


    Baking homemade treats has never been so popular and it is easier to bake from scratch then you might think. This collection includes over 50 recipes for experienced or beginner bakers. A special occasion deserves a cake and what could be better than Classic Chocolate or the stunning Frosted Fruits. For smaller bites of something sweet try Hummingbird Cupcakes or Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. There's nothing like the aroma of freshly-baked cookies and bars to fill your kitchen and they make excellent treats to have on standby. The final chapter includes favourites like Apple Pie and Wholemeal loaf. All the recipes come with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photographs to ensure delicious results every time.

    Crust: From Sourdough, Spelt and Rye Bread to Ciabatta, Bagels and Brioche

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    Helps you to master the mighty Sourdough and make your own ferments so that you can make bread anytime. This title looks at speciality breads, using a range of flours and flavours. It explores the Croissant and all its variations as well as covers other sweet breads such as Stollen and Brioche.

    Sugar and spice

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    In Sugar and Spice, Zainab Lagardien showcases traditional Cape Malay recipes, as well as some that have been adopted by her community over the years. Several, especially those in the breads chapter, are of her own invention.

    Een pan-pot-bakplaat

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    Callie en Mari-Louis maak jou lewe makliker met maaltye in een pot, braai- of oondpan û spaar elektrisiteit en arbeid, met die minimum skottelgoed. Heerlike en moeite-vrye resepte vir bees-, hoender- of varkvleis, asook wors, spekvleis en ham, frikkadelle en vleislose geregte. Elk met Æn stysel en groente om Æn volledige maaltyd te maak.

    200 Beskuit en biscotti

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    Hierdie unieke kookboek met ongeveer 200 resepte vir beskuit en biscotti sal by menigte Suid-Afrikaners aanklank vind. Elkeen het sy of haar eie gunstelingresep en dit wissel van soorte wat met suurdeeg tot soorte wat met bruismeel en bakpoeier gemaak word.


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    Mareli deel haar beste resepte vir basiese brode; brood vir ontbyt; rolletjies en stokkies; vir braai; platbrode; gevulde brode; soetbrode en brode wat pronk. Selfs vir oorskietbrood het sy wonderlike planne. Sy leer jou hoe om jou eie gisplantjie te kweek, asook om die basiese prosesse van gisting, knie, rys, vorming en bak onder die knie te kry.

    Dinner Party: Recipe Card Tin

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    Stylish recipes for starters, main courses & desserts Contains 30 recipe cards with handy section dividers, plus 30 blank cards for you to add your own recipes.

    Pizza to Go

    Who doesnt love pizza? Surely the most fabulous food invention ever,, this simple dough-based treat provides unsurpassable pleasure. Create delicious versions in your own home with the recipe book inside and the stylish pizza cutter included to carve up your own creations in style. Relationships are cemented over the fabulous food stuff, weekends just arent the same without it. It cant bring about world peace but who care when its so good!

    Salads and Greens

    Make the most of simple, fresh ingredients with Salads & Greens. Everyone from the novice to the accomplished cook will appreciate the stylish, easy-to-follow approach to learn to create delicious salads for every occasion.

    Soups and Hors D'Oeuvres

    You'll find soups and starters to accompany any meal with Soups & Hors D'Oeuvres. Everyone from the novice to the accomplishes cook will appreciate the stylish, easy-to-follow approach.

    Jam, Jelly and Relish: Simple Preserves, Pickles and Chutneys and Creative Ways to Cook with Them

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    Split into the four seasons, this book encourages you to make the most of fruit and vegetables throughout the year when they are at their best by storing away the bottles and jars for the later months. Each season is packed with mouthwatering recipes, which are accompanied by simple ideas for how to use your jams, jellies and preserves.

    Cup Cakes

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    Brilliant new cookery series, each with 45 stunning recipes giving step-by-step instructions and ingredients list. A wide selection and growing range of titles provides complete kitchen library with endless variety.


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    Packed with 40 yummy cupcake recipes, and step-by-step instructions, this book is perfect for young cooks everywhere.

    The South African milk tart collection

    There is a milk tart to suit everybodyÆs taste and every occasion: With a puff-pastry crust, shortcrust or no crust at all; flavoured with cinnamon, peach leaves, nutmeg, vanilla, almond, caramel, citrus zest or cardamom; there are tarts, desserts, smoothies, shooters, milkshakes, cakes and slices; milk tarts from all over the world.