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    Must Reads Before They Hit The Big Screen!
    0 Must Reads Before They Hit The Big Screen!

    Your To Be Read book list is about to get a serious upgrade. Have a look at our most anticipated Books to Screen adaptations happening in the coming year.

    We do realise that a few of these have already been released but we couldn't not include them... So we did!

    The Gruffalo Visits Reader's Warehouse & Giveaway!
    0 The Gruffalo Visits Reader's Warehouse & Giveaway!

    He has knobbly knees, purple prickles all over his back, a black tongue and terrible claws! Be sure to mark your calendars to meet the one and only Gruffalo at our Reader's Warehouse stores this June 2017!

    Disney Princess: Dream Big, Princess Giveaway!
    0 Disney Princess: Dream Big, Princess Giveaway!

    Penguin Random House & Disney bring you an unmissable competition for your Little Reader, don't miss out!

    0 Our Top 10 picks of books with the biggest plot twist!

    You know when you watch a movie and something unexpected happens and you're like, "HUH, WHAT??!!", well reading a book that has a good plot twist is that feeling x 100000.  A lot of the time you have to actually put the book down and have a breather, sometimes this can last for days before you have the strength to start reading it again because it's so much of a shocker. 


    Without further ado, here is our Top 10 Biggest Plot twist books that we just know will leave you shocked.  And if you've...

    1 Top 10 Adult Fairy tale Retelling Books

    Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, were all stories for children but now some wonderful authors are retelling the stories and adapting them for adults.  These books will take you deep into realms of magic, heartbreak, adventure and love. 

    From a cyborg cinderella to a witch who isn't as bad as we were first thought to believe when we were children, get your reading glasses on and be prepared to be sucked into the magical world of fairytales. 


    Our TOP 10 Adult Fairytale Retel...

    0 Win One of Three AB: The Autobiography


    Win One of Three AB: The Autobiography

    340 Rick Riordan Giveaway



    Rick Riordan Giveaway


    0 April Madness!


    Welcome to April Madness Readers!

    During the month of April we are offering all of you the chance to add one of these SIGNED books to your collections.

     How do you enter?

    It's very easy!

    Just place an order of R 350 or more on our online store during the month of April and be sure to choose courier shipping at checkout. That's all you need to do to stand a chance of winning a signed copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Night School.


    We have 50 signed books to giveaway!


    Author of the Month – Margaret Atwood
    0 Author of the Month – Margaret Atwood

    She didn’t attend school full-time until she was eight years old, although she began writing at age six and is described as a ‘voracious reader’ devouring anything she could get her hands on. She was especially fond of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Dell pocketbook mysteries, Canadian animals stories and comic books of any kind.

    #Sharethejoy Campaign
    334 #Sharethejoy Campaign

    ‘No dark fate determines the future. We do. Each day and each moment, we are able to create and recreate our lives and the very quality of human life on our planet. This is the power we wield.’

    His Holiness and Archbishop Desmond Tutu