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    Fisher-Price Where Do You Live?

    R69,00 R225,47

    Elmer and the Rainbow Board Book

    R59,00 R135,00
    Elmer and the other elephants are waiting for the storm to end so they can see the beautiful, colourful rainbow. But something dreadful has happened: the rainbow has lost its colours! Elmer decides to give his own colours to the rainbow, but does that mean he will he lose them forever?

    Googlies- Sam The Snowman

    Enjoy all four titles in this delightful series of holiday board books.

    Piglet's Rainy Day

    R59,00 R75,00
    When the heavens open and Piglet finds himself stranded in his house surrounded by flood water. So brave Piglet writes a message asking for help and sends it off in a bottle - then he must wait to be saved.

    Dinosaur Shaped Buggy Book

    R39,00 R125,00
    A roaringly great buggy book! Even very little toddlers will love turning the die-cut pages of this buggy book and discovering all the different shapes and sizes of these dinosaurs. Use the handy strap and clip to attach this sturdy board book to your buggy and take it with you wherever you go!

    Dinosaur Peekaboo Board Book

    R39,00 R60,00
    Peek-a-boo spotty dinosaur in the trees, shiny dinosaur in the sea, baby dinosaur in a hatching egg . . . Say peek-a-boo as you spot all the dinosaurs on your way to finding a fun dinosaur and a special, sparkly surprise!

    Wake Up

    R49,00 R73,08

    Best Christmas Tree

    Titles in this series Flight Time Our Christmas Fairy Our Snowman The Best Christmas tree

    Fisher-Price Board Books

    This very special Fisher-Price Book and Bookend set features two very cute Fisher-Price Wooden Bookends and four fun and clever Fisher-Price Board Books!

    Noisy Farm Babies: Little Lamb

    R39,00 R105,00
    "Baa, baa!" Little Lamb has lost her mummy, but the other friendly farmyard animals are happy to help her look for her mummy in the field and in the garden. Finally, Little Lamb finds Mummy Sheep in the barn and they have a cosy bedtime cuddle. There is a "baa" sound-chip to press on every spread.

    Disney Squeaky Board Book - Ariel

    R39,00 R109,12
    Ariels Shapes Learnng is fun and easy with this wonderful book. Find new shapes on every page and squeeze the squeake as you learn what they are.

    Noisy Farm Babies: Little Duckling

    R39,00 R105,00
    "Quack, quack!" Little Duckling wants to learn to swim but no one wants to teach him. Hen doesn't like to get wet and Donkey is too sleepy. But Mummy Duck can't wait to splash and play with her baby. A "quack" sound-chip to press on every spread makes for participative reading.

    Our Snowman

    Titles in this series Flight Time Our Christmas Fairy Our Snowman The Best Christmas tree

    Little Kitten

    The little kitten has found a wonderful toy to play with: a ball of wool. later goes on an expedition, inside he house and out. First she has an unwelcome encounter with a dog and some water, but then she finds a cheerful pal to play with.

    Mini Moulded Slipcase

    R99,00 R491,47
    FIVE WRIGGLY, WIGGLEY CATEPILLARS Follow the adventure of tiny tadpoles, Chirpy chick and crunching catepillars in these colourful counting books

    Dumper Truck: Chunky Big Vehicles

    R59,00 R109,12