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    Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

    R30,00 R376,71
    The bestselling Mac guide, updated for the latest Mac OS X and now in full color! Mac OS X Lion represents a new era in the Mac operating system. This friendly guide is fully updated for the latest Mac OS X and provides everything new Mac users and users upgrading to Mac OS X Lion need to know.

    How to Speak Droid with R2-D2: A Communication Manual

    R119,00 R275,98
    Fans get to see another side of one of the most popular (but least understood) Star Wars characters in the latest of our best-selling sound books.

    That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back

    Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, and Mandelbaum, a leading foreign policy thinker, analyze four major challenges America faces today and spell out what we need to do now to rediscover America and rise to this moment.

    Computational Intelligence and its Applications: Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Techniques

    R2 128,00
    Focuses on computational intelligence techniques and its applications. This book brings together many different aspects of the research on intelligence technologies such as neural networks, support vector machines, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation. It presents fundamental concepts and essential analysis of various computational techniques.

    Data Analysis for Network Cyber-Security

    R1 652,00
    There is increasing pressure to protect computer networks against unauthorized intrusion, and some work in this area is concerned with engineering systems that are robust to attack. However, no system can be made invulnerable. Data Analysis for Network Cyber-Security focuses on monitoring and analyzing network traffic data, with the intention of preventing, or quickly identifying, malicious activity.

    Computing for a small business

    R380,00 R411,00
    A practical guide to computer usage for owners of small businesses, relating to Microsoft Office and Windows 95. The text offers worked examples from each of the applications including production, budgeting, human resources, and marketing and administration.

    Software Maintenance: Concepts and Practice

    R1 428,00
    Software systems now invade every area of daily living. Yet, we still struggle to build systems we can really rely on. This book should equip the reader with a sound understanding of maintenance and how it affects all levels of the software evolution process.

    Applied Parallel Computing

    R1 708,00
    Suitable for computational scientists and engineers, this title helps to advance their research by exploiting the superpower of supercomputers with many processors and complex networks. It focuses on the design and analysis of basic parallel algorithms, the key components for composing larger packages for a range of applications.

    Data Mining with Decision Trees: Theory and Applications

    R2 436,00
    Decision trees have become one of the most powerful and popular approaches in knowledge discovery and data mining, the science and technology of exploring large and complex bodies of data in order to discover useful patterns. Dedicated to the field of decision trees in data mining, this book covers various aspects of this technique.

    Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

    R2 324,00
    Adopts a detailed and methodological algorithmic approach to explain the concepts of pattern recognition. This book deals with topics such as: pattern representation, nearest neighour based classifiers, neural networks, support vector machines, and decision trees.

    Computers and the Law

    This text on computers and the law covers topics such as patenting computer hardware and software, the scope of digital copyright, trade secrets and unfair competition, computers and the law of contract, and computer crime.

    New Frontier in Evolutionary Algorithms: Theory and Applications

    R1 344,00
    Delivers theoretical and practical knowledge of Genetic Algorithms (GA) for the purpose of practical applications. This book provides a methodology for a GA-based search strategy with the integration of several Alife and AI techniques, such as memetic concepts, swarm intelligence and foraging strategies.

    The Fast Track to Human-Computer Interaction

    Human-Computer Interaction is important as a means of achieving competitive IT product designs. Providing coverage for a one semester course, the examples and activities are useful exam preparation tools for computing students on an introductory HCI course.

    Introduction to Windows and Graphics Programming with Visual C++ .NET

    R1 288,00
    Aimed at technical people including practicing engineers, engineering students, and others interested in Windows[registered] programming and graphic capabilities. This book introduces readers to the subject using the object-oriented environment and tools of Microsoft[registered] Foundation Classes (MFC).