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    Horrid Henry - Bogey Babysitter

    R0,00 R136,47

    Star Wars Rebels Meet the Rebels

    R59,00 R115,00
    Reveals the galactic escapades and fun new characters from the series set between the events of Star Wars: Episode III and IV. This title helps you to learn all about the band of young rebels and the villains of the Empire they come up against.

    Horrid Henry Sports Day


    Yo Ho Ho!

    R49,00 R115,00
    'Mr Cutlass,' whispered Mary. 'Were you ever a pirate?' Class 4 have a very strange new teacher. Mr Cutlass wears a spotted scarf around his neck and has a parrot on his shoulder. Could he possibly be a ...pirate? And can Class 4 help him solve a secret message that could lead to hidden treasure?


    R49,00 R115,00
    Shredder the class gerbil is in big trouble. His tiny teeth have shredded all the children's money and now Mr Blister, the grumpy head teacher, wants to get rid of him. Can Dino, the bravest boy in the class, save his furry friend?

    Disney Reading - Family and Friends

    R59,00 R101,78