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    James Wong's Homegrown Revolution

    R199,00 R310,00
    A revolution in the garden - a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat.

    Garden Friends: Plants, Animals and Wildlife That are Good for Your Garden

    R205,00 R263,80
    A guide to keeping garden pests away organically.

    Gardeners' World: the Veg Grower's Almanac: Month by Month Planning and Planting

    R217,00 R324,83
    Growing vegetables can be a tricky business. With sage advice from old Gardeners' World hands coupled with tips on the best varieties to grow and advice on how best to look after your plot, this title includes topics ranging from hands-on instructions for preparing a seed bed or trying new varieties of tomato to little-known facts about our crops.

    The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession

    One January morning in 1734, cloth merchant Peter Collinson hurried down to the docks at London's Custom House to collect cargo just arrived from John Bartram in the American colonies. But it was not bales of cotton that awaited him, but plants and seeds.

    Salad Leaves for All Seasons: Organic Growing from Pot to Plot

    R235,00 R324,83
    Here is all the information you need for productive, healthy and tasty salads. Learn the subtleties of salad seasons and virtues of different leaves throughout the year.

    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Greenhouse Gardening

    R162,00 R243,42
    The greenhouse is one of the most useful tools a gardener can have. It is a place to propagate seedlings, nurture young plants, experiment with exotic planting and hide from the rain. This book provides the information and advice you may need to set up a greenhouse and get your planting going.

    Home Gardener's Orchids

    Orchids have a reputation for being hard to grow, but this comprehensive manual will lead gardeners straight to the best variety to cultivate in their climate, while providing all the necessary information to make their flowers flourish.

    Home Gardener's Compost: Making and Using Garden, Potting and Seeding Composts

    In our ecologically aware times, composting is one smart way to minimize our carbon footprint and help the earth. This new entry in the highly successful Specialist series gives gardeners all the guidance they need to start making, storing, and using their own compost.

    Modern Roses: An Illustrated Guide to Varieties, Cultivation and Care, with Step-by-step Instructions and Over 150 Beautiful Photographs

    R149,00 R163,51
    Offers step-by-step guidance on planting, propagation and pruning, and how to deal with common pests and diseases. This title includes instructions on using roses for hedging and ground cover, and combining them with other plants. It explains how to use modern roses to their best advantage, and features a directory of over 40 varieties.

    Gardeners' World : 101 Ideas for Veg from Small Spaces

    R159,00 R198,77
    Nothing beats the flavour of home-grown produce, the reassurance of knowing what is in your food. This title offers various tips on how to get started if you've never grown fruit or veg before. It suggests some fun and practical ways you can grow your favourite crops in your small space, and explains you how to get the best from what you grow.

    Modern Terrarium Studio: Design + Build Custom Landscapes with Succulents, Air Plants + More

    R217,00 R325,48
    No matter where you display them, these living landscapes will instantly give your space a whimsical, modern vibe

    Vegetables and Herbs for the Greenhouse and Polytunnel

    Revolutionise your vegetable growing with a greenhouse or polytunnel.

    The Ultimate Container Gardener: All You Need to Know to Create Plantings for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

    Contains what you need to know to create plantings for spring, summer, autumn and winter. This guide to successful container gardening includes practical ideas for creating 150 beautiful containers of all kinds, from hanging baskets and window boxes to terracotta pots and stone troughs.

    Creating a Japanese Garden: a Step-by-step Guide to Pond, Dry, Tea, Stroll and Courtyard Gardens : Practical Advice Projects and Plant Directory with Over 250 Photographs

    R217,00 R276,63
    Design your own Japanese oasis in one of the five classic styles, each brought to life with step-by-step projects.

    Building Raised Beds

    From planning to building, planting, tending, and accessorizing with drip Irrigation or shade, Building Raised Beds offers all the information needed to get started with this easy, accessible growing technique that can be adapted for any type of plant. Five bountiful bed plans are included.

    Summer bulbs: An Illustrated Guide to Varieties, Cultivation and Care, with Step-by-step Instructions and Over 160 Beautiful Photographs

    R162,00 R162,66
    Lilies, dahlias, gladioli and other summer bulbs - everything you need to know at a glance about in one handy and beautifully illustrated practical guide.