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    The Faber Book of Exploration

    R99,00 R360,00
    What does it feel like to walk off the edge of a map? To emerge dazed, dying yet triumphant, from the Amazon? Benedict Allen's anthology of human exploration ranges across various terrains - hot and cold deserts, mountains and plains, jungles and high seas - and presents the words of those who, through the centuries - be they Vikings or missionaries, conquistadors or botanists - have set off into 'the unknown'. 'Immaculately edited and shrewdly considered ...a hugely readable compendium.

    Himalayan Desert

    R99,00 R390,61
    The Himalayan desert is one of the harshest regions of the world. Nonetheless, braving these adversities are the people of the desert who preserve this ancient culture. They are a happy mixture of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Islamic, and Buddhist cultures.

    Africa playing cards

    R43,00 R45,00
    This full deck of 54 African playing cards feature one African country per card. Each card display the countryÆs name, flag and a locator map with the capitol city and surrounding countries.

    Lesotho: MS.R52

    R89,00 R105,00

    Mozambique Pocket Map: MS.EPT10: 2013

    R43,00 R50,00

    Street map - Port Elizabeth

    R64,00 R75,00

    Eastern Cape Pocket Map: MS.EP15

    R47,00 R55,00

    Zambia: MS.R81

    R89,00 R105,00

    Mozambique Adventure Map: MS.R54: 2014

    R89,00 R105,00

    Malawi: MS.R525

    R89,00 R105,00
    Malawi Adventure Road Map is an easy-to-read full colour map of Malawi with region boundaries. Includes distance in kilometers, international border posts, detailed place name index, major and minor town names, settlements, GPS co-ordinates, places of interest, accommodation, maps of Lilongwe and Blantyre with colour-coded topographic terrain detail. Edition: 1st Format: softcover Size: 130 x 250mm (folded) 1000 x 690mm (sheet)

    Kwazulu-Natal Pocket Map: MS.EP30

    R43,00 R50,00

    Visitor's guide to Cape Town and the Peninsula

    R55,00 R65,00
    VisitorÆs Guide to Cape Town & Peninsula is a new edition with a detailed visitorÆs guide and touring map to the Cape Peninsula. Includes detailed route planner, points of interest and activity areas along with a check list for major sites.

    Street map - Pretoria

    R77,00 R90,00

    Street map of Gauteng roads

    R77,00 R90,00

    Street map - Cape Town

    R77,00 R90,00

    Scratch Map World: MSDIV.09: 2014

    R64,00 R75,00