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    Africa South of the Sahara: A Geographical Interpretation

    R2 823,00
    This authoritative, widely adopted text provides a broad introduction to the geography of Africa south of the Sahara. The book analyzes the political, economic, social, and environmental processes that shape resource use and development in this large, diverse region. Students gain a context for understanding current development debates and addressing questions about the nature and sustainability of contemporary changes. Timely topics include the rise of foreign investment in Africa, the evolving geographies of rural-urban linkages, the birth of the Republic of South Sudan, and advances in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
    New to This Edition:
    *Fully updated to reflect the latest data and trends in development.
    *Chapters on development theory, cultural and societal diversity, the political geography of postindependence Africa, economic integration, and the geography of poverty.
    *Substantially revised coverage of gender dynamics, urban living environments, mineral and energy resources, and many other topics.
    Pedagogical Features Include:
    *Vignettes in every chapter that provide detailed case studies from a variety of countries and elaborate on key concepts.
    *Recommendations for further reading on each topic, including print and online sources.
    *Companion website with downloadable PowerPoint slides of all original figures, photos, and tables.
    *An extensive glossary.

    Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF&GIS 2013): Environmental and Urban Challenges

    R2 702,00
    Reflecting problems of advanced geo-information science with a special emphasis on environmental and urban challenges, this book collects papers by leading researchers on environmental issues from modeling to analysis, information processing and visualization.

    Geography of Religion in Japan: Religious Space, Landscape, and Behavior

    R2 702,00
    Written by one of Japan's most celebrated cultural geographers, this book explores the function of religion in the country's communities, revealing how diverse forms of reverence, from tree worship to Shintoism, are intimately related to context and location.

    Connecting a Digital Europe Through Location and Place

    R3 317,00
    These carefully selected and peer-reviewed papers from the 17th AGILE conference on geographic information science showcase some of the most advanced research in this fast-moving field, ranging from crowdsourcing to geosensor networks and indoor navigation.

    Physical Geography: Great Systems and Global Environments

    R2 634,00
    A systems-based approach to physical geography written in an easy-to-understand narrative style that is closely integrated with clear, single-concept illustrations.

    Tourist Mobility and Advanced Tracking Technologies

    R3 226,00
    The remarkable developments in tracking technologies over the years have opened up a wealth of possibilities in terms of research into tourist spatial behaviour. This book examines the various technologies available to track pedestrians and motorized vehicles and the moral, ethical and legal issues arising from the utilization of data obtained.

    Geoinformation for Informed Decisions

    R2 702,00
    This book presents the latest research developments in geoinformation science, including such sub-disciplines of the field as geomatic engineering, GIS, remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, digital cartography and more.

    The Baltic Sea Basin

    R4 138,00

    Ecological Forestry Management

    R2 508,00

    Culture and the City in East Asia

    R2 884,00
    This text explores the role of culture in the urban transformation of Asian cities. Departing from the strictly economic treatment of urbanization that has tended to dominate urban geography, it demonstrates how the pervasive influence of culture has effected Asian urbanization.

    Geography and Strategy

    R3 591,00
    As the world shrinks and globalization continues apace, efficient communications systems allow firms to operate easily over vast distances. These papers consider the strategic management of space and place from both an academic and practical point of view.