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    Africa South of the Sahara: A Geographical Interpretation

    R2 823,00
    This authoritative, widely adopted text provides a broad introduction to the geography of Africa south of the Sahara. The book analyzes the political, economic, social, and environmental processes that shape resource use and development in this large, diverse region. Students gain a context for understanding current development debates and addressing questions about the nature and sustainability of contemporary changes. Timely topics include the rise of foreign investment in Africa, the evolving geographies of rural-urban linkages, the birth of the Republic of South Sudan, and advances in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
    New to This Edition:
    *Fully updated to reflect the latest data and trends in development.
    *Chapters on development theory, cultural and societal diversity, the political geography of postindependence Africa, economic integration, and the geography of poverty.
    *Substantially revised coverage of gender dynamics, urban living environments, mineral and energy resources, and many other topics.
    Pedagogical Features Include:
    *Vignettes in every chapter that provide detailed case studies from a variety of countries and elaborate on key concepts.
    *Recommendations for further reading on each topic, including print and online sources.
    *Companion website with downloadable PowerPoint slides of all original figures, photos, and tables.
    *An extensive glossary.

    Milieus of Creativity: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Spatiality of Creativity

    R5 554,00
    The second volume in a series titled "Knowledge and Space," this multidisciplinary book deals with spatial disparities of knowledge and the impact of environments, space, and contexts on the production and application of knowledge.

    The Randstad: A Research and Policy Laboratory

    R4 323,00
    Randstad Holland is the urbanized western part of the Netherlands. It contains the four largest cities of the country: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. This book analyzes the restructuring of the region. It summarizes the research of the Urban Networks research program. It is for teachers and students of urban change and planning.

    Thinking Geographically: Space, Theory and Contemporary Human Geography

    R3 716,00
    The 1990s saw geography transformed by a range of cultural and philosophical approaches. Designed for students as an introduction to these ideas, this book covers the history of geographic thought and explores world issues in social, cultural, political and economic geography using modern theory.

    Geospatial Technology and the Role of Location in Science

    R4 753,00
    Far from causing the 'death of geography', Globalization has instead led to an intensified need to manage and understand geographical phenomena. This book examines the impact geospatial technology has had on the way we view spatial behavior and processes.

    Innovations in Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

    R4 138,00
    This book results from the 13th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference. This conference brought together experts in remote sensing, GIS and Photogrammetry from across the Asia Pacific region and Australia (provisional Infotext).

    State/Space: A Reader

    R3 275,00
    The major focus of this reader is the restructuring of state spatiality in the contemporary period of global capitalism. It demonstrates that processes of state re-scaling represent merely one dimension of an multifaceted reconfiguration of state spatiality in the contemporary period.

    Institutions and Systems in the Geography of Innovation

    R5 554,00
    This volume provides a collection of theoretical articles and empirical studies on innovation and location by focusing on the institutions and systems that mediate knowledge spillovers. The objective is to provide an international comparison using a variety of approaches.

    Landscapes and Landforms of Hungary

    R4 138,00
    Landscapes and Landforms of Hungary

    Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry

    R3 522,00

    Principle and Application Progress in Location-Based Services

    R3 317,00
    Featuring the very latest advances in location-based services, including recent products providing seamless positioning and navigation, this volume covers everything from data processing to three-dimensional visualization and highly topical privacy issues.