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    Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education

    Employing historical research, examination of the most recent social science and public policy scholarship, international comparisons, and detailed empirical analysis of rich new data, the authors study the intersection between "excellence" and "equity" objectives.

    Equity and Excellence in Higher Education

    Thomas Jefferson once stated that the foremost goal of American education must be to nurture the "natural aristocracy of talent and virtue." American higher education has not achieved the objective of equity implicit in Jefferson's statement. This text explores the cause for this divide.

    Mama, PhD: Women Write About Motherhood and Academic Life

    A collection of essays, which explore the continued inequality of the sexes in higher education and suggest changes that could make universities more family-friendly workplaces. It addresses topics that range from the level of policy to practical day-to-day concerns, including caring for a child with special needs, and breastfeeding on campus.

    Scaling the Ivory Tower: Stories from Women in Business School Faculties

    This text presents the detailed life stories of nine women academics in business faculties throughout North America. The authors present their stories as a set of choices, revealing their personal struggles and triumphs.

    Disciplined Development: Teachers and Reform in Ghana

    R1 223,00
    Drawing from her experiences working with prospective teachers in Ghana, the author explores the complexities and contradictions of education in a country both skeptical of US and World Bank policies and fearful of rejecting them. Her analysis provides a case study of teacher preparation and nation-building.

    Knowledge, Power and Learning

    New technologies are altering the relationship between knowledge, power and learning. This book considers the influence of 'information age' on changing relationship between power and knowledge and how this affects learning in a range of situations, from the school to the learning organization and from the musical conservatoire to the workplace.

    Professional Learning in Nursing

    R1 423,00
    An exploration of how professional development can be better understood, following the progress of six nurse learners drawn from different parts of nursing and investigating both those difficulties faced by all students and those issues unique to particular students.

    Globalisation, Trade Liberalisation, and Higher Education in North America: The Emergence of a New Market Under NAFTA

    R1 160,00
    Analyzes the relationship between trade liberalisation, post-industrialisation, and higher education policy in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. This study documents the extent of NAFTA's impact on higher education. It is of interest to university professors working in higher education, economics, and political science.