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    Art of War

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    Een oorlog, twee broers, een tragiese twis. Albert Blake kyk in sy jongste boek na hoe verraad die bittereinder-generaal Christiaan de Wet en sy joiner-broer, Piet, uitmekaar gedryf het. Wie was reg: Christiaan, wat ten alle koste die vryheidstryd wou voer of Piet wat die einde aan die smart van die oorlog wou bring?

    Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle

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    One of the most successful history books of recent years, Agincourt is reissued with a new introduction by Bernard Cornwell and a new preface by Juliet Barker to mark the 600th anniversary of the battle.

    The Somme chronicles

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    æThe heavy smell of blood filled the air, and every moment you had this intense fear that the next bullet was meant for you.Æ So remembered William Thorne, a South African volunteer soldier who fought in the muddy trenches along the River Somme in France on EuropeÆs Western Front.

    If This is a Man/The Truce

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    Two works of autobiography. "If This is a Man" tells of Levi's experiences as a victim of the Holocaust, from his arrest by the Fascists in 1943 to the liberation of Auschwitz by the Russians. "The Truce" is the story of his eight-month journey back to Italy after he was liberated.

    Selling Hitler: The Story of the Hitler Diaries

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    It's spring 1983. It seemed that one of the most startling discoveries of the century had been made, and that one of the world's most sought after documents had finally come to light, the private diaries of Adolf Hitler. What followed was the exchange of extraordinary sums of money for world-wide publishing rights. But that was just the beginning.

    Into the laager

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    Weaving between past and present, Into the Laager traces the war for control of South Africa, its people and its history, through a series of December 16ths, beginning with the Battle of Blood River in 1838.

    The Art of War/The Book of Lord Shang

    The two political works in this text are the product of a time of intense turmoil in Chinese history. Dating from an epoch in Chinese history known as the "Period of the Warring States" (4003 - 221 BC), they anticipate by nearly 2000 years Niccolo Machiavelli's treatises on the same subjects.

    History's worst battles

    History's worst battles takes a light-hearted but informative look at 50 of the world's bloodiest and most significant conflicts. In the bad old days, history was about individuals - kings, queens, emperors, generals and presidents - and the battles they fought, and lost or won.

    The Art of War

    "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

    A History of the First World War in 100 Objects: In Association with the Imperial War Museum

    A powerful narrative and visual treatment of the First World War, in association with the Imperial War Museum.

    When the War is Over: Far from Home, Far from Family, Safe from the War - A True Story of Two Second World War Evacuees

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    The fascinating and heartwarming true story of two young children evacuated from Newcastle to the remote Lake District village of Bampton during the Second World War.

    Warsaw 1944: Hitler, Himmler and the Crushing of a City

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    The traumatic story of one of the last major battles of World War II, in which the Poles fought off German troops and police, street by street, for sixty-three days.

    Dogs of Courage: When Britain's Pets Went to War 1939-45

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    What did the nation's dogs do for the war effort? How did man's best friend prove his loyalty in his master's struggle against the Axis threat?

    Omega, oor en uit

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    Van sy eerste dag as nasionale dienspligtige was Francois Verster in die sop danksy sy ingebore rebelsheid. Hy vertel op skreeusnaakse wyse van sy basiese opleiding en lewe as troeponderwyser op Omega. Hierdie geensins verromantiseerde storie bied Æn vars hoek op die Grensoorlog-genre en Æn blik op hoe Afrikanermans die nuwe Suid-Afrika beleef.

    Australian War Memorial: Treasures from a Century of Collecting

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    The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is one of the world's most significant collections of military history. This book tells the story of the Memorial and the National Collection, taking readers behind the scenes and uncovering many items not on public display.