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    Large Print Crosswords Extra

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    50 Blaaskansblokraaie

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    In vandag se gejaagde lewe is dit uiters belangrik om 'n gesonde balans tussen werk en ontspanning te skep. Om tyd te maak vir aktiwiteite wat jou 'n blaaskans gee is nie 'n luukse nie, dit is 'n noodsaaklikheid.


    Filled with a selection of Letter Find puzzles.


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    365 Days of Crosswords

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    The Daily Mail 30 Second Challenge: v. 2

    R25,00 R185,05
    Perfect for anyone young or old looking to sharpen their mental math skills, these fast and fun puzzles are designed to rejuvenate and stimulate the mind. A range of difficulty levels--from beginner to advanced--are included, making this a suitable collection for all ages and abilities. With puzzles that include simple addition and substraction as well as more challenging problems involving percentages, fractions, and square roots, these are the ultimate brain-training tools for people on the go and anyone who wants to expand their mental agility.

    Large Print Wordsearches



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    Sudoku is the ultimate number challenge, with over 200 grids and a variety of difficulty levels

    Wordsearch 2

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    Wordsearch Extra has a simple and pretty design, with over 100 new challenges


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    Tear away for a puzzle a day!

    Large Print Wordsearch 2

    R69,00 R176,53

    Mixed Puzzle

    R39,00 R97,31
    A fantastic collection of 200 puzzles of all shapes and sizes. These puzzles cover various areas such as logic, number and word skills, ensuring that you will have a fun and enjoyable brain workout! Whether you choose your favourites first or challenge yourself against the types of puzzles you are not so good at, the great range will provide many hours of enjoyment.


    R69,00 R278,90
    One of the great attractions of draughts is that virtually anyone can learn the basic rules in a minute, however, one of the great mysteries is that barely 10 per cent of adults actually know them! This great quality draughts set comprises a stylish red-and-white board, which folds out so that you can play a game of draughts anywhere you desire, 24 wooden playing pieces and a detailed how to play book. The book inside is perfect for beginners and experts alike: challenge your friends to find out who is the grand master amongst you or find a quiet corner and brush up on your basic skills and tactics.


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