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    The Book of Joy

    R270,00 R320,00
    Shows how do we find joy in the face of life's inevitable suffering? This title reveals how to live a life brimming with joy. IT offers an opportunity to experience their astonishing and unprecedented week together, from the first embrace to the final goodbye.

    Essential Chan Buddhism: The Character and Spirit of Chinese Zen

    An inspiring introduction to Chan Buddhism in a value-priced hardcover edition. Perfect for daily spiritual guidance and gifts.



    The Vimalakirti Sutra

    R2 087,00
    This text is a translation of one of the most influential works of the Mahayana Buddhist canon, and is of particular importance to the Ch'an or Zen sect. Written in the first century BC, it claims to record events from the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, over 400 years earlier.

    Metaphor and Literalism in Buddhism: The Doctrinal History of Nirvana

    R3 865,00
    Presents a study of the doctrinal development of nirvana in the Pali "Nikaaya" and subsequent tradition and compares it with the Chinese "aagama" and its traditional interpretation. This work also clarifies early doctrinal developments of "Nirvana" and traces the word and related terms back to their original metaphorical contexts.

    A Buddhist Bible

    R983,00 R999,80

    Environmental Philosophy and Ethics in Buddhism

    R2 554,00
    This work introduces the reader to the central issues and theories in Western environmental ethics, and against this background develops a Buddhist environmental philosophy and ethics.

    Buddhist Suttas

    Includes: The Maha Parinibbana Suttanta, The Dhamma Kakka Ppavattana Sutta, The Tevigga Suttanta, The Akankheyya Sutta, The Maha Sudassana Suttanta, And The Sabbasava Sutta.

    An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues

    R2 573,00
    A systematic introduction to Buddhist ethics aimed at anyone interested in Buddhism.