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    The Essence of Happiness: A Guidebook for Living

    R308,00 R309,45
    The Dalai Lama inspired millions around the world with his wisdom and compassion in "The Art of Happiness." Now, in "The Essence of Happiness," moving insights from His Holiness are gathered in an elegantly designed keepsake book that makes for a handy and accessible medium for that wisdom.

    Open Heart, Clear Mind

    Will help many on the path of meditation and in dealing with life's everyday challenges. Asian Foodbookery

    Turning Confusion into Clarity: A Guide to the Foundation Practices of Tibetan Buddhism

    R376,00 R381,43
    "Advice and encouragement from a leading spiritual teacher and popular author on how to approach the foundational practices of Tibetan Buddhism. For anyone interested in Buddhist practice and philosophy, this book gives detailed instruction and friendly and inspiring advice for those embarking on the Tibetan Buddhist path in earnest. By offering guidance on how to approach the process and giving instruction for specific meditation and contemplation techniques, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche provides gentle yet thorough commentary, companionship, and inspiration for committing to the Buddhist path"--

    Meditation in Modern Buddhism: Renunciation and Change in Thai Monastic Life

    R2 031,00
    This ethnographic account of a Northern Thai monastery examines meditation in detail and analyzes the motivation and experience of renouncers.

    The Lotus Sutra

    R404,00 R438,80
    A translation of "The Lotus Sutra" which has been regarded as one of the illustrious scriptures in the Mahayana Buddhist canon.

    An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life

    Now in paperback is the highly acclaimed "New York Times" bestseller in which His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers a clear, practical, inspiring introduction to the Buddhist path to enlightenment. 25 photos.

    The A to Z of Buddhism

    R1 009,00
    The A to Z of Buddhism covers and clarifies Buddhist concepts, significant figures, movements, schools, places, activities, and periods. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 700 cross-referenced dictionary entries.

    The Buddha Walks into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation

    pt. 1. First, get your act together -- pt. 2. How to save the world -- pt. 3. Letting go into space -- pt. 4. Relaxing into magic.

    The Authority of Experience: Readings on Buddhism and Psychology

    R1 493,00
    Buddhism has deepened its presence in the West. Therapists, scholars and scientists have had more contact with its teachings, and as a result, Buddhist teachings and practices are becoming integrated with those of Western psychology. This collection of readings presents views on this integration.

    Life of the Buddha

    Presents the Buddha's teaching as the culmination of the Brahmanical tradition