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    Pragnawamai Uthum




    The Spirit of Tibetan Buddhism

    R349,00 R410,00

    The Origins and Development of Pure Land Buddhism: A Study and Translation of Gyonen's Jodo Homon Genrusho

    R3 240,00
    This work offers a critical look at the thought and impact of the 13th-century Buddhist historian Gyonen (1240-1321) and the "Pure Land" school of Buddhism founded by Honen (1133-1212). Also included is a translation of Gyonen's "Jodo homon genrusho", the first history of Pure Land Buddhism.

    Buddhism: The Basics

    Examining the historical development of Buddhism and its presence today, this guide covers: principal traditions; practices and beliefs; ethical guidelines and philosophy; religious texts; and, community. It is suitable for students and interested readers wanting to familiarise themselves with the Buddhist faith.

    Anger: Buddhist Wisdom for Cooling the Flames

    R264,00 R320,00
    This text offers a different perspective on taking care of our anger, by treating it as we would a crying baby. Filled with stories and techniques this book offers a look at transforming anger into peace in order to bring harmony and healing to all areas of our lives affected by this emotion.

    Developing Balanced Sensitivity: Practical Buddhist Exercises for Daily Life

    This book introduces a series of techniques that can be practiced by people from all backgrounds to overcome both insensitivity and hypersensitivity.

    The Wisdom of the Buddha: The Unabridged Dhammapada

    A compelling introduction to Buddhist thought, revealing the Four Truths and the Eightfold Path to enlightenment, the means by which to overcome essential suffering.