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    The Book of Joy

    R270,00 R320,00
    Shows how do we find joy in the face of life's inevitable suffering? This title reveals how to live a life brimming with joy. IT offers an opportunity to experience their astonishing and unprecedented week together, from the first embrace to the final goodbye.

    Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way: Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika

    This new translation and commentary of ancient Buddhist text by a best-sellling author and teacher transcends idealism and materialism.

    Essential Chan Buddhism: The Character and Spirit of Chinese Zen

    An inspiring introduction to Chan Buddhism in a value-priced hardcover edition. Perfect for daily spiritual guidance and gifts.

    The Lotus Sutra

    R432,00 R459,70
    The description for this book, The "Lotus S tra": A Biography, will be forthcoming."

    The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Or the After-death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, According to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering

    Traditionally used as a mortuary text, to be read or recited in the presence of the dead or dying, this sacred text - which relates the experience of death and rebirth in three intermediate states of being - was originally understood as a guide not only for the dead but also for the living.

    Transformation and Healing: Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness

    Transformation and Healing presents one of the Buddha's most fundamental teachings and the foundation of all mindfulness practice. The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness has been studied, practiced, and handed down with special care from generation to generation for 2,500 years. This sutra teaches us how to deal with anger and jealo...

    Zen Words for the Heart: Hakuin's Commentary on the Heart Sutra

    A collection of commentary and meditations by the eighteenth-century Japanese Zen master on one of Buddhism's most famous scriptures.

    Blossoming: Dharma Diary Poems Volume II: Volume II

    "Blossoming" picks up where "The Universe for Breakfast" left off, continuing an exploration through mindfulness and realizations into the beauty of Presence. Magezis is an ordained member of the Core Community of the Order of Interbeing, established by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

    Sophia Volume 12, Number 2

    In this issue of Sophia, the leading Islamic thinker in America, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, speaks out on the environmental crisis in a compelling interview. Also, the noted scientist and theologian, Wolfgang Smith, writes on cosmology and gnosis. (World Religions)

    The Path of Love