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    The Different Paths of Buddhism: A Narrative-historical Introduction

    This is an introductory text on the development of Buddhism, from the life of the historical Buddha to the present day. It introduces the main branches of Buddhism and explores its geographical spread, philosophy, ethical and political implications, and contemporary reinterpretations as well as focusing on the role of women in the tradition.

    Introducing Buddhism

    Explaining the key teachings and historical development of Buddhism, this book contains chapters on Engaged Buddhism, Buddhist and War, Buddhism in the Western World and Meditation.

    Theravada Buddhism: Continuity, Diversity and Identity

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    This comprehensive introductory overview explores all aspects of the origins, evolution, and current practice of Theravada, the oldest surviving Buddhist school of thought. Theravada Buddhism offers an enriching and enlightening introduction to the history, teachings, and practice of Theravada for students of Buddhism.

    Zen at War

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    Presenting a history of the contradictory, often militaristic, role of Zen Buddhism, this book documents the unknown support of a supposedly peaceful religion for Japanese militarism throughout World War II. It draws on the writings and speeches of leading Zen masters and scholars.

    Manual of Insight

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    Buddhist Goddesses of India


    The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism

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    With more than 5,000 entries totalling over a million words, this dictionary of Buddhism in English covers terms from all of the canonical Buddhist languages and traditions: Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It also includes an appendix of Buddhist lists, a timeline, six maps, and two diagrams.

    The Practice of Kalachakra

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    The Dalai Lama taught the popular Kalachakra to thousands of people in New York, Bloomington, Los Angeles and Madison, Wisconsin.

    Zen and Material Culture

    Expanding on previous studies of Zen art history, material/visual culture, and religious practice, Zen and Material Culture focuses on the vast range of "stuff" in Japanese Zen, including beads, bowls, buildings, staffs, statues, rags, robes and even popular retail commodities distributed in America.

    The Essential Lotus: Selections from the Lotus Sutra

    "The Lotus Sutra" is considered to be the fundamental Mahayana Buddhist sutra and has had a profound impact on Chinese and Japanese literature. This abridged edition condenses the sutra from the most authoratative version, translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in 406 by the scholar Kumarajiva.