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    The Intimate Universe: How the Stars are Closer Than You Think

    R89,00 R220,00
    The cosmos is closer and more connected to your life than you think

    The life & love of the sea

    Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: It’s the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible.

    Black Holes: New Horizons

    R1 372,00
    Suitable for those interested in black holes, this book collects together summaries of work on a modern theory of black holes in terms of local notions, covering fields as diverse as classical and numerical general relativity, differential geometry, thermodynamics, quantum field theory, and quantum gravity.

    Introduction to flood hydrology

    Why should engineering lecturers use this textbook to teach flood hydrology to undergraduate engineers, technologists and technicians?

    Time in Powers of Ten

    In this richly illustrated book, Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft and Theoretical Physicist Stefan Vandoren describe the enormous diversity of natural phenomena that take place at different time scales.

    Empirical-Statistical Downscaling

    R1 596,00
    Empirical-statistical downscaling (ESD) is a method for estimating how local climatic variables are affected by large-scale climatic conditions. ESD has been applied to local climate/weather studies for years. This textbook is suitable for next-generation climate scientists.

    Alice's Adventures in Water-Land

    Describes the properties of liquid water and the relevance of these properties to life. This book is of interest to both adults and students.

    Global Perspectives on Tropical Cyclones: From Science to Mitigation

    R2 604,00
    Presents a comprehensive review of the state of science and forecasting of tropical cyclones together with the application of this science to disaster mitigation, hence the tag: From Science to Mitigation.

    Doppler Radar and Weather Observations

    R332,00 R451,21
    Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this text reviews the principles of Doppler radar and emphasizes the quantitative measurement of meteorological parameters. 1993 edition.

    History of Life

    R823,00 R1 659,13
    This text is designed for students and anyone else with an interest in the history of life on our planet. The author describes the biological evolution of Earth s organisms, and reconstructs their adaptations to the life they led, and the ecology and environment in which they functioned.

    An Introduction to the Solar System

    R805,00 R1 398,74
    Fascinating description of the bodies in the Solar System and their origin and evolution, ideal for introductory courses.

    Kepler's Philosophy and the New Astronomy

    R2 162,00
    Johannes Kepler contributed importantly to every field he addressed. This book offers the study of Kepler's philosophical views and shows how those views helped him construct and justify the astronomy. It explores the complex interplay between changes in his philosophical views and the status of his astronomical discoveries.

    The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water

    This is the first volume of "Eco-Technology", a series based on the writings and discussions of Viktor Schauberger. The other volumes will cover Schauberger's research on trees, soils and the atmosphere; and his practical applications for working with nature.