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    Conquest of the Atlantic: Cunard Liners of the 1950s and 1960s

    An evocative illustrated record of Cunard ships at the end of their heyday in full colour



    Surveying Yachts and Small Craft

    Packed with detailed close-up photography, step by step procedures, and helpful checklists, this handbook is suitable for small craft owners who want to check out defects on their own boats or on boats they are planning to buy, as well as practicing surveyors and surveying students. It guides the reader through conducting a thorough inspection.

    Post-War on the Liners

    The story of the great post-war era of liner travel across continents and companies from Cunard to P & O - from luxury liners to 100-berth transport ships.

    The Myth of the Titanic: 2012

    Why does the story of the Titanic retain such a hold on the popular imagination, one hundred years after it sank on the night of 15 April 1912? In this new centenary edition, Howells explores the myths around the Titanic legend, showing what they reveal about the culture of their time, as well as the role that myth still plays in our lives today.

    Verona: The Story of a Voyage


    Pearson's Canal Companion: Oxford, Grand Union & Upper Thames

    R218,00 R272,12
    Features over 200 miles of canals and rivers in The Midlands & South of England. This title focuses on the rural Oxford Canal; the mighty Grand Union between Braunston and Brentford & London (Paddington); the 'Leicester Line' between Norton Junction and Market Harborough; and the Upper Thames between Lechlade and Oxford.

    Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding for the 21st Century

    The bible of the DIY boat builder, updated with insights into the new materials and several new designs plus updates on costs and tools.

    RMS Titanic - The Wider Story

    R644,00 R697,75

    Maidens' Trip

    Three girls abandon their middle-class comforts for an adventure of a lifetime during the Second World War. A classic and unforgettable tale.

    Aircraft Carriers: A History of Carrier Aviation and its Influence on World Events: Volume 2: 1946-2006

    In the post-1945 era, the aircraft carrier has remained a valued weapon despite the development of nuclear weapons, cruise and ballistic missiles, and highly capable submarines. At times, as in the early days of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and in the Falklands conflict, carriers alone could deploy high-performance aircraft to the battlefield.

    Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier

    R187,00 R205,00
    At seventy-five, the author and Monica Darlington had done everything they could think of doing, including starting a business and becoming athletes and running a literary society. Lately they had become boating adventurers and he a bestselling writer. But in their Midlands canal town in November, life was looking dull and short on surprises.

    Battleship Bismarck Manual: Nazi Germany's Most Famous and Feared Battleship

    R434,00 R641,60
    The Bismarck was probably the most feared Nazi German battleship of the Second World War