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    Harold Shipman

    R69,00 R156,53

    Jack the Ripper

    R69,00 R161,30
    The case of Jack the Ripper - the unidentified serial killer that plagued the East End of London in the late 19th century - is one of the greatest and most famous unsolved murder mysteries of all time. This comprehensive account documents the key events that took place around the time of the brutal Whitechapel killings, speculates over the identity of 'Jack', and details his unfortunate victims. With authentic photographs and well-researched information, this is the only Ripper book you'll need.e.

    Undying Love

    R29,00 R105,68
    Powerful emotions can blind even the most reasonable normal person and, in some cases, drive them to commit a crime in the heat of the moment, with terrible consequences. From jilted lovers to rejected suitors, they are all portrayed here in fascinating detail.

    Mutinies: Shocking Real-life Stories of Subversion at Sea

    R59,00 R199,00
    Examines the extreme circumstances that have driven sailors and officers to overthrow authority and commit lethal acts of insubordination. This title includes stories that range from mutiny against brutal commanders throughout history to the 'Storozhevoy' mutiny which was the basis for the film "The Hunt for Red October".

    Conspiracy Theories

    R149,00 R401,53

    Escape from Evil: Married at 17 to a Serial Killer, She's One Victim Who Escaped

    R59,00 R160,00
    The compelling true story of a woman who survived marriage to one of our most notorious serial killers.

    Killer women

    R29,00 R145,00
    Ten headline-grabbing real-life tales of murder involving women. The Marico was the backdrop to the stories of Herman Charles Bosman. It hits the headlines again when a grandmother sprinkles "rat poison" over her lover's sandwiches.

    Hitmen for Hire

    R235,00 R275,00

    Man or monster

    R59,00 R244,99
    Why do people murder, hijack and rape and why do they sometimes keep repeating these crimes? Violent crime is a phenomenon that both horrifies and fascinates us. What can go so horribly wrong in a man's psyche that he turns into a monster?


    R160,00 R200,00
    Die forensiese wetenskap het in die afgelope dekades indrukwekkend ontwikkel. Ballistiek sluit in: die identifikasie van vuurwapens, bloedspatselpatrone en die aard van die wonde veroorsaak. Dikwels is die oplossings egter te laat. Die afsluiting wat dit bring vir die agtergeblewenes, te min.

    The Bling Ring: How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Ripped off Hollywood and Shocked the World

    R69,00 R160,00
    Published alongside the 2013 film The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Emma Watson, this is the explosive true story of the seven celebrity-obsessed teens who became the most audacious burglary gang in Hollywood history.

    Bad kids

    R29,00 R207,50
    Bad kids tells ten true stories of youngsters involved in serious crime, often the worst possible crime - ending other people's lives before their own have properly begun.

    Grave murder

    R39,00 R190,00
    In April 2011 the sleepy gold-mining town of Welkom was deeply shocked when the dismembered, decapitated body of Michael van Eck was discovered buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of the local cemetery.

    Drug muled

    R175,00 R220,00
    On the verge of a big break in modelling, Miss SA finalist, 21-year-old Vanessa Goosen is caught up in every travellerÆs nightmare.

    Suid-Afrikaanse geweldenaars sonder genade

    R29,00 R207,50
    Skrywer Pieter Pieterse was volksbesit toe hy al skrywende langs sy swembad oorval is. Goue seun van die Afrikaanse letterkunde Uys Krige se kleindogter, haar man, kinders en huishulp is eweneens genadeloos deur hul tuinier en 'n makker om die lewe gebring.

    The Science of Forensic Investigation

    R49,00 R147,22
    Science at school conjures up images of bleary boffins slumped over bunsen burners. In fact it has many exciting uses in the real world. This accessible, curriculum-linked reference book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of forensic science. Discover how forensic investigation has been used to solve crimes, free the innocent and convict the guilty. Difficult concepts are clearly explained in easy-to-understand language, with eye-catching photographs and clear illustrations. If you thought science was boring, think again. The Science of...series take science into the field and examining how it is used in a variety of exciting professions. Along the way the reader will recognise familiar scientific ideas and experiments, but will begin to see them in an entirely new light!