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    Blood River: The War for the Northwest Territory

    R30,00 R81,98
    This is the fourth book in the "First Frontier" series. At the dawn of the 18th century, the ancient Indian tribes begin a savage conflict - forced to take sides in the white man's war - and are pushed into an era of great heroism and greater loss.


    The stunning sequel to Adam's Empire, Kalinda, a multi-generational story that spans several decades, weaves an intricate portrait of war, life in the Australian outback and the family Adam Ross would die to protect.

    Yellow Fox


    Once a Ranger Always a Ranger


    Timing Is Everything

    A U.S. Marshal, Hank has tracked a vicious murderer across the country. He is determined to get this man. Nothing is going to stand in his way or distract him from his goal. Nothing, except for a beautiful young woman in men's pants and plaid shirts, who has an uncanny knack for attracting trouble, with no regard for her own safety.

    Buzzards Gotta Eat

    R376,00 R404,14

    The Dogs of Justice

    R376,00 R404,14
    The second in a series of Dean and Egan, the Story of Two Families written in the western style of Louis L'amour. The Deans and Egans were epitome of hard work, endurance, and justice in the late 1870s.

    Back to the Rockies

    R239,00 R242,16
    The mountain man is a special breed of man and to be successful he has to be one tough hombre willing to endure all kinds of hardships. This tale follows Shakespeare McDovitt, who survived hardships and dangers for more than 20 years.

    Tye Watkins: U.S. Marshall

    R239,00 R242,16

    Arizona Grit


    The Young Lion Hunter


    Sara Bear


    Shoe-Bar Stratton


    Seeker's Revenge


    Circle Eight: Nicholas