Kids Corner - The Percy Jackson Series by Dom Nicholas

by Lisa Bulpin on July 04, 2018

Why I like to read it:

The Percy Jackson series is about action and adventure.  It is written in a way so that it seems like Percy is doing his adventures just as they are happening in the book, in other words, in the present tense. 

Another reason I like to read these books is because they teach you a lot about mythology.  These books are written in a  way that Greek Mythology is in the modern world. 


What these stories are about:

These Percy Jackson stories are about Percy saving the world with his friends and allies from camp half-blood.  Percy always has a way to get himself into trouble but no matter what the cause he always gets out of trouble with the help of his friends. 


Why you should read them:

I think you should read them because it teaches you a lot about mythology and can give you a laugh at the same time.  These stories can get your concentration skills up 59%.  It can also do you a lot of good if you have ADD, ADHD.  If you would like to read even more about Percy Jackson then you can read Heroes of Olympus. 





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