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Killer Instinct

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Dr Dylan Reinhart is no stranger to solving crimes.

When an Ivy League professor is murdered, Reinhart reunites with his old partner Detective Elizabeth Needham. With his unrivalled mind for criminal psychology and Needham's investigative experience, Reinhart is confident that together they can find the killer, and close the case.

But a terrifying attack on New York sends the city into chaos. In the aftermath, a name from Reinhart's past emerges on the list of victims - a name he thought he'd left behind.

As long-buried secrets threaten to derail everything he's worked for, can he keep his life together long enough to outsmart the killer?

Or has Reinhart finally met his match?

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Catheryn Buggs (Bredasdorp, ZA)
Sadly disappointed!

I'm an a dyed-in-the-wool James Patterson fan but I am not sure that he actually penned this book. The writing style does not seem to be his and it is much too simple and juvenile-like. I did not like the characters nor the plot and it was just a little too much like a cliché. The male characters were either large, dumb lumps or fantastically clever gays. The female lead detective stops her boss from falling over a bomb. The plot is about a terrorist threat to New York, which no-one apart from our unfailingly brilliant lady detective recognizes.
I am very disappointed in this latest offering from James Patterson, it is not up to his standard at all.