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The Last Girl
35% OFF  
R 129.00 R 199.00
R 129.00 R 199.00
A Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the first Goodwill Ambassador the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking of the United Nations and winner of the...
Finding My Virginity
35% OFF  
R 149.00 R 229.00
R 149.00 R 229.00
After creating 12 different billion-dollar businesses and breaking dozens of world records, wouldnt you think youd done it all? Not Sir Richard Branson. Having brought...
Elephant In My Kitchen
22% OFF  
R 180.00 R 230.00
R 180.00 R 230.00
Francoise Malby-Anthony never expected to find herself responsible for a herd of elephants with a troubled past. A chic Parisienne, her life changed forever when...
Look At Me
R 250.00
R 250.00
With this singular book Nataniël tells the story of a childhood in three small towns and one large suburb, in an era during which rules were seldom...
Freedom Rider 10000 KMS by Mountain Bike
20% OFF  
R 180.00 R 225.00
This is riding minimalism, the rider carrying all his requirements without any back-up vehicle. Freedom Rider is not only an adventure story about an epic...
Heavier Than Heaven
R 89.00
Kurt Cobain's life and death fast became rock 'n' roll legend. The worldwide success of his band, Nirvana, defined the music scene in the early...
Jacana Pocket Series - Steve Biko
40% OFF  
R 99.00 R 165.00
Steve Biko is often seen as the charismatic leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, who played a useful stopgap role in South African politics in...
Siya Kolisi Against All Odds
19% OFF  
R 220.00 R 270.00
R 220.00 R 270.00
Siya Kolisi kept his emotions under wraps as he walked out into the roar of the stadium. It was the 26-year-old's first game as Springbok...
Oscar an accident waiting to happen
54% OFF  
R 89.00 R 195.01
Told through the eyes of Sams mother, Patricia Taylor, it tracks the heady days of young romance when 24-year-old Pistorius met her 17-year-old daughter, Sam,...
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