Mortal Instruments 6 Book Pack
54% OFF  
R 599.00 R 1,299.01
R 599.00 R 1,299.01
The Mortal Instruments Collection six internationally bestselling books about the Shadow hunters in one gift pack. Discover the secrets of the Shadow hunters as they...
Alex Rider 10 Bk Pack
R 799.00
Action packed from the first book to the last, the teenager is recruited to help on a MI6 mission after his uncle is killed in...
Gone 6 Book Collection Pack
62% OFF  
R 499.00 R 1,299.01
R 499.00 R 1,299.01
A Collection Of Six Tales From Michael Grant … (1)Fear This Is A Blood-Pumping, White-Knuckle Sci-Fi Thriller Of Epic Proportions. Night Is Falling In The...
Skulduggery pleasant 9 bk collection box-set
36% OFF  
R 825.00 R 1,299.01
Meet the great Skulduggery Pleasant: wise-cracking detective, powerful magician, master of dirty tricks and burglary (in the name of the greater good, of course). Dimensions...
Gallagher Girls 6 Book Box-set
R 599.00
Gallagher Academy might claim to be a school for geniuses - but it's really a school for spies. Cammie Morgan is fluent in fourteen languages...
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