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Dinosaur Colouring Mini Pad
92% OFF  
R 5.00 R 62.95
Dinosaur themed colouring book for little children. Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group : Ages 3-6 Page Numbers :
Perfect World- Always And Fore
52% OFF  
R 10.00 R 21.05
If you cna your BFF love to spend time together doing everything from watching your favourite movies to making lip-smaking lip gloss, then youll love...
Space Foil- Space Alien
66% OFF  
R 10.00 R 29.26
R 10.00 R 29.26
SPACE FOIL- SPACE ALIEN Foil space images to colour Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 3-6 Page Numbers :
What's Cooking, Chowder? - Sticker Activity Book
R 10.00
An introduction to Chowder and his world. It lets you join Chowder and the rest of the gastronomical gang for a big helping of fun....
Bagpuss Bumper Colouring & Activity Book
43% OFF  
R 10.00 R 17.54
Bagpuss activity pack contains two activity books with a selection of different activities for all the family. Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages...
Doctor Who: Quiz Book: Who? What? When?
88% OFF  
R 10.00 R 80.01
Test your knowledge of the Doctor, his adventures and the creatures he meets on his travels in this quiz book for all young fans. Dimensions...
Doctor Who: Companion Activity Book
88% OFF  
R 10.00 R 85.00
Could you be the 11th Doctor's companion? Complete the activities and add up your scores to find out if you've got what it takes to...
Roary The Racing Car-Tracing Pad- Green
50% OFF  
R 10.00 R 20.17
TRACING PAD- GREEN Create & Colour Roary Images Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 3-6 Page Numbers :
Dot-To-Dot- Rocket
66% OFF  
R 10.00 R 29.26
R 10.00 R 29.26
DOT-TO-DOT- ROCKET Assorted collection of Dot-To-Dot activities
The Secret Agent's Handbook
83% OFF  
R 10.00 R 60.00
R 10.00 R 60.00
This is a great book for all budding James Bonds! From how to write and crack secret codes, to how to evade suspicion when carrying...
Dot-To-Dot- Scarecrow
61% OFF  
R 10.00 R 25.44
R 10.00 R 25.44
DOT-TO-DOT- SCARECROW Assorted collection of Dot-To-Dot activities
Disney Teen Beach Movie Activity Book
R 10.00
Step into Teen Beach Movie with this surfcrazy activity book. There are over 40 pages of games, puzzles and makeits that every Teen Beach Movie...
79% OFF  
R 15.00 R 70.00
This book is for mini motor fanatics only, adults keep out! Zoom around the furiously fast Top Gear Test Track with this amazing activity book....
Ben 10: A4 Colouring and Sticker Set
10% OFF  
R 15.00 R 16.68
A set of eight slamming action scenes to colour – on cool A4 posters that you can stick up on your wall! Join battling boy...
Colouring Book - Dinosaurs - Green
R 15.00
A collection of Dinosaurs that you can colour and and learn what the dinosaurs look like what their names are. Dimensions : Format : Activity...
Dick And Doms Doodle Book
R 15.00
Unleash your inner artist with Dick and Dom! Give Dick and Dom new hair, create a new friend for Diddy Dick and Dom and design...
Disney Sticker Scene Cars 2
67% OFF  
R 15.00 R 46.00
R 15.00 R 46.00
Complete the exciting scenes with your stickers and join Lightning McQueen and Mater with their friends on their enginerevving adventuresThe cars are back on track...
Disney Monsters University Colouring Book
70% OFF  
R 15.00 R 50.00
Meet the monsters from the scariest school in town and coulour in Mike, Sulley and Monsters Uni gang. Get more for every roar in this...
Samurai Activity
56% OFF  
R 15.00 R 34.21
R 15.00 R 34.21
Use you Samurai skills to help the Rangers outsmart the Nighloks of the Netherworld by battling through puzzles, games and high-octane activities! Dimensions : 269...
Power Ranger Transfer Book
R 15.00
Join in with the Power Rangers’ action packed fun with this awesome activity book and transfer sheet. Inside you’ll find Power Rangers activities and plenty...
Vehicle Activity Book
R 19.00
Lots and Lots of fun vehicle activities and puzzles to keep litttle drivers busy. Included is fire engine spot the difference, building site maze, bus...
Lost And Found Drawing And Colouring Book
67% OFF  
R 20.00 R 60.00
Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door... Dimensions : 0 X 259 X 265 cm Format :...
One Direction And Me H/B
R 20.00
As the biggest Directioner ever, you're invited to enter your fave band's world and share your own. Fill out fun fan quizzes, check out poptastic...
Fantasy Fighters
R 20.00
This series brings the world of manga to life. The pages are packed with everything the budding artist needs to learn in order to create...
Essential School Planner
R 20.00
Create great projects, boost your creativity and improve your grades with this essential school planner. This planner has all the top tips you need for...
Club Penguin: What Your Puffle Says About You
R 20.00
Find your unique puffle personality in this cool book of quizzes! Discover which puffle resembles you most Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group :...
I want to be a popstar
R 20.00
Wannabe Cheryls will adore drawing their awesome album covers, designing their own mega mansions, creating super stage looks and much, much more! Dimensions : 204...
R 20.00
Join Po and his kung Fu family as they battle the evil spirit warrior called Kai! Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group : Ages...
Kung Fu Panda - Sticker Scene Fun
R 20.00
Join Po on another legendary adventure of awesomeness as he helps the Furious Five battle the evil spirit, Kai. Get enlighted with over 150 stickers...
Colouring Fun - Kung Fu Panda
R 20.00
Enter the world of Kung Fu Panda in this awesome colouring book. Concentrate and use your kung fu skills to colour in 15 awesome scenes...
Bash Street Kids School Year
25% OFF  
R 20.00 R 26.51
The kids of class 2B have got old Teacher awfully worried! Who knows what secrets they'll keep in this edition. Dimensions : 0 X 148...
Chuggington Bumper Sticker Book
R 20.00
Chugga chugga! Choo choo! Rev up your engine and toot your horn for a bumper book of sticker fun straight from the railway tracks! Colour...
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