Polar Lands Hard Back
72% OFF  
R 25.00 R 90.00
R 25.00 R 90.00
KFYK Kingfisher Young Knowledge is a sciencebased, highly visual, inspirational learning experience. Lively, engaging text explains the basics of a favourite subject, zooming in on...
1000+ Earth Facts Hard Back
R 299.00
Lavishly illustrated, these giant books provide children with masses of knowledge. Each fact is numbered, so as children read they can clearly chart their progress....
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things
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R 199.00 R 320.00
Shortlisted for the Best Children's Book in the Junior Design Awards 2017Full of fun facts, colourful illustrations, and games that will feed a child's imagination...
The Ultimate Guide Dinosaur
R 129.00
Fully illustrated, this book that explores the Age of Dinosaurs from its early beginnings to the eventual demise of these fascinating reptiles. Five sections provide...
Octavius Grimwood'S Graveyard Guide
R 40.00
Each spread in 'Octavius Grimwood's Graveyard Guide' features a different category of fantastical creature - such as skeletons, ghosts, zombies or werewolves - or a...
Lego The Book Of Everything .
R 129.00
A LEGO adventure in the real world! A book for all the family to enjoy. Dimensions : Format : Hardback Age Group : Ages 6-12...
The Brain-Boggling Body Book
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R 59.00 R 260.00
R 59.00 R 260.00
This book isn't just about anybody, it's about YOUR body and what it does all day. Meet the shrinking scientists who are staying with the...
Does A Hippo Go To The Doctor?: Think About How Everyone Keeps Healthy
R 69.00
When you go to the Doctor, is there: A scale?... A stethoscope?.. An examining table? Does a zebra get a check-up? Take medicine? Wear a...
Does A Seal Smile?: Think About ... How Everyone Says Hello
R 69.00
When you meet someone, do you: Smile?...Say “Go away!”?...Slap a high five? Do chimps shake hands? Do coyotes smile? Kiss? Let’s Explore, discover and Think...
Childrens Illustrated History Atlas
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R 272.00 R 320.00
This beautiful history atlas helps children learn about world history all the way from the first people leaving Africa right up to how the world...
The Ultimate Guide Animal
R 129.00
This fascinating animal world is made truly accessible – the book is split into five key sections, and text is presented as easy-to-read bullet points....
Science Experiments
R 149.00
Learn about magnetism with a magnet maze , discover how tall you are using your ow feet, and find out about colour mixing with jelly!...
Aliens And Ufos
R 69.00
R 69.00
Take a thrilling journey as an alien investigator into the shadowy world of UFOs and aliens. Witness a giagantic mothership decending to Earth, meet a...
Does An Owl Wear Eyeglasses?: Think About ... How Everyone Sees
R 69.00
When you can’t see, do you: Use a magnifying glass? Borrow your brother’s eyeglasses? Put on Sunglasses? Does a Monkey go to the eye doctor?...
Ultimate Dinosaurs .
R 199.00
A visual exploration of the monsters who once ruled the Earth, Ultimate Dinosaurs explores the prehistoric world through photographic galleries complemented by lively, informative text...Amazon.com....
Childrens British History Encyclopedia Hard Back
R 60.00
The Children's British History Encyclopaedia is a rich, visual representation of how life in Britain has changed throughout the ages. Discover the answers to questions...
Bacteria Book
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R 182.75 R 215.00
R 182.75 R 215.00
Meet the bacteria, viruses, and other germs and microbes that are all around, but too small for us to see, in this children's science book...
Little Kids First Big book of Science
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R 195.50 R 230.00
This lively introduction to the fascinating world of science explores the different kinds of science, what scientists do, and the amazing things that scientists study:...
LEGO Book New Edition
15% OFF  
R 344.25 R 405.00
R 344.25 R 405.00
Celebrate and explore the incredible story of the LEGO Group and its much-loved bricks, sets, minifigures, movies, games and more.    Take a dazzling visual...
Why Headless Chickens Run And Other Bonkers Thingsyou Need To Know
R 39.00
WHY HEADLESS CHICKENS RUN is packed full of the most hilarious, laugh-out-loud facts in the worlds of history, science, natural history and just about everything....
25% OFF  
R 299.00 R 399.00
R 299.00 R 399.00
Explore the wonders of history, space, the natural world and more with Picturepedia. Packed with over 10,000 stunning photographs and illustrations, it's a mini-encyclopedia for kids on...
Super Shark Encyclopedia
R 279.00
Super Shark Encyclopedia uncovers the secrets of the oceans by exploring a remarkable array of 80 sharks and other sea creatures -- from Barrel Shrimp...
True Or False?
R 199.00
R 199.00
This encyclopedic collection of photographs, images, and infographics brings familiar subjects to life and helps kids wow their friends and family. Covering a wide-range of...
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R 25.00 R 135.00
R 25.00 R 135.00
Part of the "kingfisher Knowledge" series, this work takes a geo-political view of the Middle East. It provides information on countries, people and cultures; themes...
Treasury Of Dreams
R 30.00
NULL Dimensions : 205 x 166 Format : Hardback Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers : 24
Creepy Crawlies
R 59.00
R 59.00
NULL Dimensions : 0 X 216 X 256 cm Format : Hard Back Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers : 12
Gruesome And Gross Facts
R 129.00
Did you know that, in some countries, people eat maggot-infested cheese as a delicacy? Or that a snake could give you a deadly bite, even...
The Periodic Table Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Elements
15% OFF  
R 221.00 R 260.00
The Periodic Table Book is the perfect visual guide to the chemical elements that make up our world. This eye-catching encyclopedia takes children on a...
Moenie hierdie boek eet nie!
R 280.00
Moenie hierdie boek eet nie! bevat 365 rympies (en ’n bonusrympie vir ’n skrikkeljaar) wat kinders (en grootmense!) heeljaar sal laat skaterlag! Daar’s rympies oor...
Ladybird Pocket Dictionary
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R 20.00 R 75.00
R 20.00 R 75.00
This edition of Ladybird's pocket dictionary has been updated to include the latest technical and computer-related terminology, as well as featuring clear listings to make...
Reference Readers: Incredible Adventures
R 49.00
Discover how the greatest explorers discovered our world in the easy-to-read, fact-filled book! Big, detailed pictures Easy-to-read, bite size facts Amazing! information panels make learning...
Incredibles 2: The Official Guide
15% OFF  
R 119.00 R 140.00
Jump into a brand new adventure with everybody's favourite family of superheroes, and learn amazing facts about Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.  ...
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