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Middle School 02: Get Me out of Here!
70% OFF  
R 50.00 R 165.00
After sixth grade, the very worst year of his life, Rafe Khatchadorian thinks he has it made in seventh grade. Its more competitive than Rafe...
The Kane Cronicles:The Red Pyramid
R 129.00
Percy Jackson fought Greek Gods. Now the Gods of Egypt are waking in the modern world... I guess it started the night our dad blew...
Lottie Biggs is (Not) Desperate
R 30.00
Lottie Biggs is recovering from her mental disorder of a reasonably significant nature with the help of her counsellor, who rather helpfully looks like Johnny...
The 26-Storey Treehouse
23% OFF  
R 130.00 R 169.00
R 130.00 R 169.00
Andy and Terry have expanded their treehouse! There are now thirteen brand-new storeys, including a dodgem-car rink, a skate ramp, a mud-fighting arena, an antigravity...
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
21% OFF  
R 130.00 R 165.00
Mr Willy Wonka is the most extraordinary chocolate maker in the world. Augustus Gloop - a great big greedy nincompoop; Veruca Salt - a spoiled...
Tagus The Horse Man Bk 4 B/F
30% OFF  
R 59.00 R 84.00
Avantia needs a hero. Under the spell of an evil wizard, the magical beasts that once protected the land are destroying it. Tagus the horse-man...
Cannibal Curse
71% OFF  
R 39.00 R 135.00
R 39.00 R 135.00
Number One for Fiendish Fun! This book contains a bake-off, a HORRID guidebook, an EVIL girl and an ancient curse! Four utterly hilarious and totally...
Komodo Conflict Book 6
R 49.00
LET THE INSECT BATTLES BEGIN! When General Komodo returns to Bug Island with his lizard army, a final epic battle will decide the fate of...
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (Book 2)
R 99.00
Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters is the second exciting adventure in Rick Riordans bestselling series - now with a brand new cover look....
Escape From Pompeii
61% OFF  
R 49.00 R 125.00
R 49.00 R 125.00
Lava. Terror. Burning. When the world explodes, who will survive? It’s the ultimate stay-alive challenge. 1.5 million tons of lava are pouring out of Mount...
The Treatment
57% OFF  
R 79.00 R 185.00
R 79.00 R 185.00
Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed meets Never Let Me Go in the pulse-pounding YA thriller from the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author of The Escape. Dimensions...
Horrid Henry & Mega-Mean Time Machine
76% OFF  
R 39.00 R 160.00
Number One for Fiendish Fun! This book contains a HORRIFIC hike, a time machine, a love letter and SNAILS for dinner! Four utterly hilarious and...
Strange Case Of Origami Yoda Book 1
R 69.00
Great it is say we. This epic tale of school and Star Wars finger puppets gets our big thumbs up. Some people say weirdness is...
The 39-Storey Treehouse
23% OFF  
R 130.00 R 169.00
R 130.00 R 169.00
Andy and Terry's amazing treehouse has thirteen new levels! They've added a chocolate waterfall you can swim in, a volcano for toasting marshmallows, a bulldozer-battling...
Day I Became The Most Wanted Boy In The World
19% OFF  
R 130.00 R 160.00
There's nothing Pete loves more than sitting at home, being quiet and watching the snooker. But when he accidentally bumps into a local gangster, Pete...
Fantastic Mr Fox
21% OFF  
R 110.00 R 140.00
R 110.00 R 140.00
Boggis is a fat chicken farmer who only eats boiled chickens smothered in fat. Bunce is a duck-and-goose farmer whose dinner gives him a beastly...
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