Project Science
R 65.00
R 65.00
Super-cool facts sit alongside hands-on activities in this exciting series Dimensions : 219 x 275 x 2mm Format : Soft Cover Age Group : 6-12...
Science Experiments
R 149.00
Learn about magnetism with a magnet maze , discover how tall you are using your ow feet, and find out about colour mixing with jelly!...
Dk Findout ! Science
R 79.00
For any child that can't get enough science, DKfindout! Science is packed with fun facts, quizzes, amazing photography and key curriculum text introducing all the...
Simple Science Experiments Air and Water
R 69.00
Kids will learn all about air and water in a fun, interactive way. From discovering what air and water pressure is to what it means...
Curious Questions & Answers About Science
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R 79.00 R 155.00
Curious Questions & Answers About Science takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about science. Mind-boggling questions and answers...
Simple Science Experiments Matter and Materials
R 69.00
With 10 fantastic experiments covering matter and materials, children can get to grips with scientific theories with ease. The clear step-by-step instructions for each experiment...
Simple Science Experiments Electricity and Magnets
R 69.00
Simple Science Experiments Electricity and Magnets investigates conductors and insulators, static energy and even how to build circuits. Each experiment has clear photographs, with step-by-step...
Simple Science Experiments Light and Sound
R 69.00
With clear, vibrant photographs and step-by-step instructions, confident kids will be able to approach the experiments alone. Each experiment has been designed with children in...
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