40 Simple Science Experiments 4 Book Collection
R 199.00
This Fantastic Collection Introduces Children To The Basics Of Science In A Fun, Appealing Way. Each Activity Book Has 10 Experiments That Are Accompanied By...
Gold Stars Ks2 Bumper Workbook age 9-11
R 59.00
Support your child's learning and build their skills at home with these Gold Stars Key Stage 2 Bumper Workbooks. Containing activities in English, Maths and...
Does Farting Make You Faster: And Other Incredibly Important Questions And Answers About Sport From The Science Museum
65% OFF  
R 30.00 R 85.00
Why don't hammer-throwers get dizzy? Could the world's fastest swimmer catch a jet-ski? How far can a human being run or cycle before they drop?...
Terrible Time [New Edition]
67% OFF  
R 59.00 R 180.00
R 59.00 R 180.00
Go time travelling with Terrible Time and discover all the terrifying time facts you've been waiting ages to find out. See what happens if you...
Project Science
R 65.00
R 65.00
Project Science is an interactive, illustrated non-fiction book, ideal for curious learners aged 7+. Encouraging creativity, fun projects will help children delve deeper into understanding...
Shocking Electricity
67% OFF  
R 59.00 R 180.00
R 59.00 R 180.00
Shocking Electricity is packed with sizzling zap-fillied facts to electrify every reader. Children can find out about the scientist who gave electric shocks to his...
Science Essentials 9+ Years
R 39.00
This title will complement the Help with my Homework core Maths and English titles recently developed for this age group. Cheeky characters, jokes and funny...
Wild About Science
R 139.00
Wild About Science is a brilliant book, bursting with illustrations and amazing photographs whilst the engaging text is presented in numbered paragraphs. Feature panels throughout...
Science Revision 9+
R 29.00
NULL Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers :
Science And Stuff S/C
15% OFF  
R 187.00 R 220.00
R 187.00 R 220.00
Packed with spectacular superlatives, shocking stats, fantastic facts and fun figures, Science and Stuff celebrates the simple joy in finding things out. What can cats...
Look Inside Science
26% OFF  
R 159.00 R 215.00
R 159.00 R 215.00
This is a re-sized edition of the original flap book that introduces the fascinating world of science in a simple and engaging way for younger...
Simple Science Experiments Matter and Materials
R 69.00
With 10 fantastic experiments covering matter and materials, children can get to grips with scientific theories with ease. The clear step-by-step instructions for each experiment...
Simple Science Experiments Electricity and Magnets
R 69.00
Simple Science Experiments Electricity and Magnets investigates conductors and insulators, static energy and even how to build circuits. Each experiment has clear photographs, with step-by-step...
Simple Science Experiments Light and Sound
R 69.00
With clear, vibrant photographs and step-by-step instructions, confident kids will be able to approach the experiments alone. Each experiment has been designed with children in...
Curious Questions & Answers About Science
R 79.00
Curious Questions & Answers About Science takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about science. Mind-boggling questions and answers...
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