Going to School First Experiences Mini Edition
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R 38.25 R 45.00
This book is designed to introduce young children to unfamiliar situations in an amusing and friendly way. It features Stephen Cartwright's delightful illustrations, providing lots...
Listen & Learn: Get Ready for School Sound Book
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R 129.00 R 280.00
Learn everything you need to know to get ready for school! The first year at school can be a daunting experience to children and this...
Betsy Goes To School
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R 69.00 R 170.00
R 69.00 R 170.00
Today is Betsy's first day at school. But when she arrives, it's very noisy and she doesn't know anyone. Betsy doesn't want Daddy to go...
Stuff To Know When You Start School
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R 148.75 R 175.00
Learn all the super-important life skills you need to become a big boy or girl with this ultimate guide to being a toddler and starting...
Nature Trail: Skills for Starting School
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R 182.75 R 215.00
Help your child build skills for starting school with DK Skills for Starting School: Nature Trail Bip! This book and toy pack features a cuddly...
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