Making Of You
16% OFF  
R 245.00 R 290.00
R 245.00 R 290.00
Hope and Healing After Stillbirth And New Baby Loss
15% OFF  
R 200.00 R 235.00
Offering wisdom and understanding, written with sensitivity, this book has much practical help within its pages for a loss like that feels like few others.'...
R 230.00
Guess How Much I Love You: My Baby Book
15% OFF  
R 245.65 R 289.00
Guess How Much I Love You has sold over 40 million copies worldwide! A baby book inspired by one of the best-loved children's books ever...
Real Food Kids Will Love H/B
15% OFF  
R 306.00 R 360.00
R 306.00 R 360.00
Annabel Karmel brings you a mouth-watering batch of never before seen recipes featuring delicious ingredients with serious nutritional credentials. With beautiful photographs and fresh design,...
Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
15% OFF  
R 182.75 R 215.00
Children take their lead from their friends: being `cool' matters more than anything else. Shaping values, identity and codes of behaviour, peer groups are often...
Family Lawyers Separation & Divorce TPB
15% OFF  
R 272.00 R 320.00
Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why
15% OFF  
R 165.75 R 195.00
In his international bestseller How Children Succeed, Paul Tough introduced us to research showing that personal qualities like perseverance, self-control and conscientiousness play a critical...
Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers
17% OFF  
R 100.00 R 120.00
Advice and guides on babies’ sleeping patterns are easy to find – but who has the energy to read 400 pages on sleep while suffering...
The Great Sleep Book: A Guide for calm babies, toddlers and Preschoolers
56% OFF  
R 129.00 R 295.00
The Gentle Sleep Book offers gentle, no-tears, sleep solutions for exhausted parents of newborns to five-year-olds. Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group : ADULT...
Kweek Kinders Met Heel Harte
6% OFF  
R 170.00 R 180.00
R 170.00 R 180.00
Kweek kinders met heel harte is a practical guide to raising children in the times we live in. Hettie looks at matters like the spiritual...
Your Child Year By Year
78% OFF  
R 60.00 R 275.00
R 60.00 R 275.00
A guide to the developmental milestones of childhood - physical, emotional and cognitive - covering ages 3 to 14. Whether you want advice for several...
Let'S Talk About Where Babies Come From: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, And Families
14% OFF  
R 240.00 R 280.00
An updated 15th anniversary edition of the classic guide for young children on babies, bodies, love, sex, reproduction and families. This clear, lively information book...
State Of Affairs
15% OFF  
R 280.00 R 330.00
R 280.00 R 330.00
Is there such a thing as an affair-proof marriage? Is it possible to love more than one person at once? Why do people cheat? Can...
Dr. Jack Newman'S Guide To Breastfeeding
R 375.00
Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding covers the most common problems and questions that mothers encounter on the breastfeeding journey. Dimensions : Format : Paperback...
Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work
35% OFF  
R 149.00 R 230.00
The revolutionary guide to show couples how to create an emotionally intelligent relationship - and keep it on track Straightforward in its approach, yet profound...
The 7 Habits of Happy Kids
R 162.00
Bringing the international, best selling 7 Habits franchise to the youngest audience, this picture book is the perfect introduction. With a cast of lovable characters...
Sleep Sense
R 150.00
R 150.00
Baby Sense
10% OFF  
R 150.00 R 166.75
R 150.00 R 166.75
The focus of this babycare book with its accessible tone remain the three most common concerns of parents in their baby's first year: Why is...
Baby Sense [3Rd Edition] S/C
R 165.00
Parenting experts and co-authors of the Sense-series books, Meg Faure (OT) and Ann Richardson (Registered Nurse and Midwife) bring you the updated and expanded third...
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