Constructing a good dissertation
10% OFF  
R 247.50 R 275.00
Constructing a good dissertation is a guide to writing good dissertations. The approach is both practical and sensible Dimensions : 170 x 245mm Format :...
A Guide To Handwriting & What It Reveals
R 25.00
This book helps you recognise Character Traits - Positive and negative. Analyse handwriting with sample diagrams. Also tell of the background to Graphology. Dimensions :...
Acts of Transgression
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R 432.00 R 480.00
R 432.00 R 480.00
In this ground-breaking collection of critical essays, 15 writers explore the experimental, interdisciplinary and radically transgressive field of contemporary live art in South Africa. Set...
The English Handbook And Study Guide
R 289.00
Language; comprehension; writing; literature; visual literacy; oral communication; spelling; vocabulary; tasks for teachers and learners; teacher's guide. Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age Group :...
Psychology of adult learning in Africa
R 359.00
Presenting psychology as an applied discipline that can help adult educators be more effective in their work, this book analyses the cultural factors that influence...
Experiments with truth
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R 265.50 R 295.00
R 265.50 R 295.00
Experiments with Truth is the first book-length account of non-fiction in South African literature Dimensions : 156 x 234mm Format : Paperback Age Group :...
Introduction To English Grammar C/F
R 35.00
This workbook is part of the ELP English Literacy Course for Adults. It is the first of four books on basic English grammar. Learners compare...
Spot on social science grade 8 teachers guide
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R 293.00 R 308.00
pot On improves results, makes learning enjoyable, makes teaching a pleasure and is easy to use. Dimensions : 210 x 275mm Format : Soft Cover...
Classroom Mathematics
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R 231.00 R 243.00
R 231.00 R 243.00
If you are serious about Mathematics, look no further than Classroom Mathematics. Problem-solving Skills + Worked Examples + Plenty of Exercises = Classroom Mathematics Dimensions...
Afrikaans sonder grense graad 8
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R 238.00 R 250.00
Die kursus neem jou kwartaal-vir-kwartaal deur die kurrikuluminhoud en poog om by die behoeftes in jou klaskamer aan te pas. Dimensions : 210 x 300mm...
Undergraduate maths for business
R 299.00
Practice for exam questions with answers included; Tutor memo provides explanations to common questions; Step-by-step demonstrations; Highlighter focuses attention on key areas. Dimensions : 200...
Fitting and machining theory N1
R 271.00
Ftting and Machining Theory N1 2ed follows a modulalr compentency-based approach. This well-illistrated and easy toread text assists the lecturer and learner to achieve the...
Mathematics N4
R 363.00
R 363.00
Mathematics N4 forms part of a series of mathematics books for vocational written by a team of mathematics lecturers with years of classroom experience. Dimensions...
Mathematics N6
R 363.00
R 363.00
Learning objectives and a pre-knowledge section have been included at the beginning of each module to provide guidance for the learner and the facilitator. Dimensions...
Teaching and learning the practice of nursing
R 505.00
To enhance student engagement and collaboration, educators need to enable learning. Dimensions : Not Specified Format : Paperback Age Group : ADULT Page Numbers :...
Applied strategic marketing
R 557.00
Applied strategic marketing discusses the strategic role of marketing management in modern organisations. Dimensions : 175 x 245mm Format : Paperback Age Group : ADULT...
16 cm Mini Political globe
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R 276.25 R 315.00
R 276.25 R 315.00
The 16cm diameter, non-illuminated, Mini Political Globe -Tecnodidattica shows a detailed map of the World. Dimensions : 148 x 210mm Format : MISCELLANY Age Group...
South African perspective on criminology
R 601.00
A Southern African Perspective on Fundamental Criminology offers a comprehensive introduction to Criminology, the scientific study of the phenomenon of crime, and is suitable for...
Spot on mathematical literacy grade 12 leaners book
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R 284.00 R 299.00
The most popular course in South Africa, Spot On has everything a learner needs in one book. Dimensions : Not Specified Format : Soft Cover...
Classroom Mathematics grade 12 teachers guide
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R 329.00 R 346.00
If you are serious about Mathematics, look no further than Classroom Mathematics. Problem-solving Skills + Worked Examples + Plenty of Exercises = Classroom Mathematics Dimensions...
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