Sappi Tree Spotting Highlands Highveld
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Until recently, trees have been an inaccessible enigma to all but the most devoted, botanically minded, tree-key followers. With the Sappi Tree Spotting series all...
Baobab Trail - A journey of wilderness
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R 200.00 R 250.00
Clives contact with baobab trees and their presence, combined with his desire to retrace his steps, as well as record and capture these remarkable trees,...
Secret Namibia
R 255.00
R 255.00
Namibia is a vast, ancient place, its legacy an endless expanse of desert sand fringed by coastal plain and rugged mountain terrain and dotted with...
Fauna und Flora Im Sudlichen Afrika (German edition)
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R 270.00 R 350.00
Published for the first time in German, this is the first local field guide to cover all the commonly encountered plants and animals of the...
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