Aliens Are Coming
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R 79.00 R 275.00
Discover the fascinating and cutting-edge science behind the greatest question of all: is there life beyond Earth? For millennia, we have looked up at the...
Sky Guide Africa South 2019
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R 79.00 R 145.00
Sky Guide Africa South 2019  is a practical resource for all astronomers, be they novice, amateur or professional. It covers the upcoming year’s planetary movements, predicted...
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How did it all begin? Where is it all going? A little over a century ago, a young Albert Einstein presented his general theory of...
13.8: The Quest To Find The True Age Of The Universe And The Theory Of Everything
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The 20th century gave us two great theories of physics: the general theory of relativity, which describes the behaviour of things on a very large...
Dark Matter And Dark Energy
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All the matter and light we can see in the universe makes up a trivial 5 per cent of everything. The rest is hidden. This...
The Magic of Reality
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R 129.00 R 145.00
Magic takes many forms. The ancient Egyptians explained the night by suggesting that the goddess Nut swallowed the sun. The Vikings believed a rainbow was...
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