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Into the Grey Zone
60% OFF  
R 99.00 R 250.00
R 99.00 R 250.00
A startling tale of a neuroscientific discovery that revolutionises our thinking about life and death - and gives patients and their families the answers they...
The Naked Ape
21% OFF  
R 99.00 R 125.01
R 99.00 R 125.01
FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION - WITH A NEW PREFACE BY THE AUTHOR Here is the Naked Ape at his most primal - in love, at work,...
Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell
61% OFF  
R 79.00 R 200.00
Amazing graphics and explanations reveal the weird science behind our everyday food and drink. Dimensions : 15 X 201 X 169 mm Format : Paperback...
QI: The Book of the Dead
81% OFF  
R 30.00 R 155.00
R 30.00 R 155.00
Welcome to QI: The Book of the Dead, a biographical dictionary with a twist - one where only the most interesting people made it in!...
Qi Advanced Banter : The Qi Book of Quotations
78% OFF  
R 30.00 R 134.95
Have you ever wondered why most books of quotations are stuffed full of rather pedestrian quotes by people you've never heard of? It's a shame...
Electrified Sheep
87% OFF  
R 20.00 R 149.99
R 20.00 R 149.99
Atomic pigs, glass-eating scientists and more bizarre experiments from the bestselling author of Elephants on Acid.
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