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R 129.00 R 230.00
R 129.00 R 230.00
IMAGINE . . . getting lost in a one-room flat; seeing auras; never forgetting a moment; a permanent orchestra in your head; turning into a...
Introducing Artificial Intelligence Comp
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R 141.00 R 180.00
Half a century of research has resulted in machines capable of beating the best human chess players, and humanoid robots that can interact. But can...
Body B/F
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R 195.00 R 230.00
R 195.00 R 230.00
'A directory of wonders.' - The Guardian 'Jaw-dropping.' - The Times 'Classic, wry, gleeful entertaining and absolutely fact-rammed book.' - The Sunday Times 'It...
Epigenetics Revolution B/F
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R 139.00 R 240.00
R 139.00 R 240.00
The Epigenetics Revolution traces the thrilling path this discipline has taken over the last twenty years. Biologist Nessa Carey deftly explains such diverse phenomena as...
The Selfish Gene: 40Th Anniversary Edition
R 192.00
The 40th anniversary edition of the million copy international bestseller, with a new epilogue from the author. As relevant and influential today as when it...
The Greatest Show on Earth
R 185.00
Charles Darwin's masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, shook society to its core on publication in 1859. Darwin was only too aware of the storm...
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