365 Simple Science Experiments
R 139.00
Volume Two in Black Dog's best-selling Simple Science Experiments collection, 365 More Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials has a fresh new look at a...
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R 99.00 R 205.00
R 99.00 R 205.00
Riddled with jealousy, rivalry, missed opportunities and moments of genius, the history of the atom's discovery is as bizarre, as capricious, and as weird as...
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R 179.00 R 335.00
R 179.00 R 335.00
In the same way that Tim's first book Elemental , a Daily Mail Book of the Year in 2018, serves as a beginner's guide to...
The Glass Cage: Where Automation Is Taking Us
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R 89.00 R 320.00
Shows how the most important decisions of our lives are now being made by machines and the radical effect this is having on our ability...
Relativity A Graphic Guide Pocket Book
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R 79.00 R 180.00
It is now more than a century since Einstein's theories of Special and General Relativity began to revolutionise our view of the universe. Beginning near...
Introducing Stephen Hawking: A Graphic Guide
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R 79.00 R 94.00
Stephen Hawking is the world-famous physicist. To the public he is a tragic figure - a brilliant scientist and author of the 9 million-copy-selling "A...
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