Evocative Africa: Ventures Of Discovery
70% OFF  
R 149.00 R 500.00
Come on a journey with Africa's finest nature photographer to lands of time-honoured cultural traditions and unspoilt natural wilderness. Here is the 'real Africa' -...
Paddas En Paddajolyt + Cd
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R 59.00 R 190.00
R 59.00 R 190.00
Paddas en Paddajolyt bied natuurliefhebbers 'n gebruikersvriendelike en praktiese bekendstelling aan paddas. Die inligting in die titel is gebaseer op die nuutste klassifikasie. Verder bied...
The Rhino Keepers
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R 179.00 R 225.00
R 179.00 R 225.00
Few animals face as violent, as well organised, and as determined an enemy as the world’s rhinos. Across the continent, rhinos are being slaughtered on...
Behaviour Briefs
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R 39.00 R 50.00
R 39.00 R 50.00
The ultimate compact, quick ID guide to southern and East African animal behaviour, and the latest in the popular series of 'quick guides' to wildlife....
Part Of The Pride: My Life Among The Big Cats Of Africa
15% OFF  
R 165.75 R 195.00
In "Part of the Pride", Kevin Richardson, recently dubbed "The Lion Man" on 60 Minutes, tells the story of how he grew from a young...
The Elephant Whisperer: Learning About Life, Loyalty and Freedom From a Remarkable Herd of Elephants
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R 161.50 R 190.00
When South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony was asked to accept a herd of 'rogue' elephants on his Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand, his common...
African Wildlife Alphabet Number Book
R 161.50
Aimed at 3 to 5 year olds, this title introduces the alphabet and basic numbers and counting through the theme of African wildlife and nature....
Big Five Of Africa
R 246.50
Here s a superb collection of in-your-face images of Africa s magnificent Big Five lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. Award-winning wildlife photographer Gerald Hinde...
African Wildlife: To Read, Colour & Keep
R 76.50
This title is a fun and educational way for children to learn about Africa's fascinating wildlife. It offers 22 realistic pictures of wild animals to...
A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa
R 340.00
Drawing on the latest scientific research, the authors introduce the book with a discussion of reptile identification, diversity, biology, distribution patterns, and where to find...
African Wildlife Trivia
R 127.50
Africa is famous for its abundance and variety of wildlife, making it a great attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In many...
Smithers' Mammals of Southern Africa: A Field Guide
R 331.50
First published in 1986, Smithers mammals is an authoritative and popular guide to the mammals of Southern Africa. This revised and updated edition incorporates the...
Kirstenbosch Birds & Other Wildlife
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R 76.50 R 80.01
This compact guide to the birds and other wildlife of the National Botanical Garden at Kirstenbosch identifi es a range of the more visible creatures...
First Field Guide to Wildlife
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R 68.00 R 70.00
Sasol First Field Guide to Wildlife of Southern Africa provides fascinating insight into the richly diverse wild life of the region – the more commonly...
Garden Birds in Southern Africa
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R 212.50 R 230.00
This guide profiles 101 garden birds likely to be found in gardens across southern Africa, informing readers about what to look and listen for, and...
Africa's Big Five
R 408.00
Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those species that have come over the years to be known as the big...
African Wildlife Quiz Book
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R 85.00 R 90.00
R 85.00 R 90.00
This new-format, new edition of the African Wildlife Quiz Book will provide hours of fun for people of all ages. Packed with quizzes, crosswords, word...
Wildlife of South Africa
R 229.50
A handy, all-in-one photographic field guide to the wildlife of South Africa, this guide covers the regions mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and trees that are...
Pocket Guide Mammals Of East Africa
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R 161.50 R 190.00
East Africa comprises a varied range of habitats, which provide living space for more than 360 diverse species of mammal. These range in size from...
My First Book of Southern African Wildlife
R 221.00
My first book of Southern African wildlife introduces the young reader to a selection of southern Africas most commonly seen and fascinating wildlife species. Divided...
A Photographic Guide to the Wildlife of East Africa
15% OFF  
R 212.50 R 250.00
This photographic guide to the wildlife of East Africa is an accessible introduction to the regions more conspicuous and interesting mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects,...
Scatalog: Quick ID Guide to Southern African Animal Droppings
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R 68.00 R 80.00
Here's a quick and quirky identification guide to animal dung or droppings. Each animal group (carnivores, primates, antelope, rats and mice, reptiles, birds) is briefly...
My First Book of Southern African Animal Tracks
R 102.00
My first book of Southern African Animal Tracks introduces 55 different types of animals and the footprints they leave behind. The animals and birds included...
Stuart's Field Guide to National Parks and Game Reserves of East Africa
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R 280.50 R 330.00
East Africa is known for its diverse landscapes – expansive savannas, lakes, and towering mountains – but also for its numerous protected areas: its parks...
Stuarts se Veldgids tot Soogdiere Van Suider Afrika
R 365.50
Groter suider-Afrika is ryk aan soogdierspesies, byna 400- wat almal in hierdie ten volle bygewerkte, omvattende veldgids ingesluit is. Uitgebrei om spesies in te sluit...
A Photographic Guide to Mammals of Southern, Central and East Africa
R 161.50
More than 1 000 mammal species occur in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. These creatures vary in size from the massive elephant to the...
Pocket Guide Snakes and other Reptiles of Southern Africa
15% OFF  
R 161.50 R 190.00
Southern Africa is home to a diverse reptile fauna of more than 600 species. Of these, nearly 70% are endemic to the region, being found...
A Photographic Guide to Snakes, Other Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa
15% OFF  
R 161.50 R 190.00
Comprehensively revised, expanded and updated, this compact guide makes the ideal travelling companion on trips to the wildlife areas and nature reserves of East Africa....
Wild Karoo
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R 170.00 R 270.00
R 170.00 R 270.00
After centuries of relative isolation, the Karoo – South Africa’s parched heartland – is a latecomer to the tourist industry. What was once viewed as...
Tracker Manual
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R 297.50 R 350.00
R 297.50 R 350.00
This practical guide to animal tracking is a one-of-its-kind manual, based on information developed with the help of southern Africa’s few remaining traditional trackers and...
Wildlife of the Okavango
15% OFF  
R 187.00 R 220.00
R 187.00 R 220.00
A remarkable variety of animals and plants can be found in the wilderness region surrounding the Okavango Delta. This photographic guide covers more than 470...
Wildlife of Southern Africa
15% OFF  
R 297.50 R 350.00
R 297.50 R 350.00
This long-standing, trusted field guide to the wildlife of southern Africa has been comprehensively updated and now includes distribution maps. It describes over 2,000 plants...
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