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Field Guide to Knots
R 49.00
Choose the right knot for the job with this unique guide to outdoor knots. Whether you need to build a shelter, abseil a cliff, tie...
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R 79.00 R 150.00
R 79.00 R 150.00
A guide to the world of cycling, which covers everything from mountain biking to the Tour de France. It shows you what different types of...
Serpent Spires - South African Climbers Profile the Drakensberg's Finest Peaks
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R 20.00 R 130.00
The author explores 17 top climbing peaks in the majestic Drakensberg. Each climb is discussed in detail and written about by experts who have experienced...
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It's Not About the Bike was first published in 2000. Detailing Lance Armstrong's battle with life-threatening testicular cancer and his return to professional cycling, it...
The Cycling Anthology: Volume Four
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Professional cycling is a rich, dynamic and often controversial sport that lends itself to great writing. Some of the most famous and illustrious races were...
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An epic guide to the most intrepid mountaineers in history. Written in association with the Royal Geographical Society and The Alpine Club, Mountaineers tells the story of the...
At the Edge: Riding for My Life
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I checked my balance and peered apprehensively at the sheer drop below. Once I felt comfortable, I radioed down to Stu.'I'm just gonna unclip quickly,'...
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