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Star Wars: Bubble Magnets
R 129.00
Use the 3-D bubble magnets to bring this book to life! This exciting format includes over 12 specially designed magnets that adhere to the pages...
LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure
41% OFF  
R 249.00 R 420.00
LEGO (R) Star Wars (TM) Build your own Adventure combines more than 50 inspirational LEGO ideas for building with enthralling story starters. Get inspired to...
LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure Galactic Missions : With LEGO Star Wars Minifigure and Exclusive Model
36% OFF  
R 220.00 R 345.00
Want more ideas for LEGO® Star Wars™ models to build? You need this book with bricks that inspires children to build, play, and learn all about...
Darth Vader: Together We Can Rule The Galaxy
53% OFF  
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Darth Vader: The Dark Side Box will include a stature of Darth Vader in an iconic pose (raising his fist in a classic 'force choke'...
Star Wars Last Jedi Book & Model: Make Your Own Tie Silencer
60% OFF  
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Learn about Kylo Rens starship, the TIE silencer. Press out pieces to build your own model of Kylo Rens TIE while reading about some of...
Star Wars Imperial Assault Activity Book and Model: Make Your Own AT-ST
43% OFF  
R 129.00 R 225.00
Join the Empire! Read all about the mighty war machines and fearsome troops at the Emperor's command in this fully-illustrated book, from stormtroopers and speeder...
Lego star wars ideas book
33% OFF  
R 199.00 R 295.00
R 199.00 R 295.00
Find a galaxy full of LEGO (R) Star Wars (TM) ideas to build - from activities and art, games and challenges, to practical makes and...
Star wars Colouring: Happy Tin
14% OFF  
R 129.00 R 150.00
R 129.00 R 150.00
Bring Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and all your favourite characters to life in this Star Wars gift tin! Featuring three colouring books filled...
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Gift Tin
66% OFF  
R 129.00 R 375.00
A collectible tin is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans of any age! Relive the final battle between the Rebellion and the Empire in...
Star Wars: Astro Tin
66% OFF  
R 129.00 R 375.00
R 129.00 R 375.00
Exciting gift tin containing two storybooks and a colouring book. Meet Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and all the daring pilots from the epic Star Wars...
Strange Case Of Origami Yoda Book 1
R 69.00
Great it is say we. This epic tale of school and Star Wars finger puppets gets our big thumbs up. Some people say weirdness is...
Secret Of The Fortune Wookiee Book 3
R 69.00
The origami empire strikes back in a tale that sees Dwight leave for a new school, leaving the McQuarrie kids with no Origami Yoda to...
Star Wars Lego Power of the Sith Activity book
61% OFF  
R 59.00 R 150.00
The ultimate activity book for fans of LEGO (R) Star Wars (TM). Kids can discover the dark secrets of the Sith emperors and meet the...
LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes
38% OFF  
R 199.00 R 320.00
R 199.00 R 320.00
The complete Star Wars saga retold in LEGO bricks This fun LEGO Star Wars book retells the six Star Wars films in 100 iconic scenes...
Star Wars What Makes A Monster?
31% OFF  
R 79.00 R 115.00
From the huge wamp ice-creature on Hoth to Jabba's slobbering pet rancor, the galaxy is full of weird and wonderful monsters. In this book, you...
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Attack Of The Journal
R 49.00
Roan won’t be attending Jedi Academy forever, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end when you finish reading. Spend more time with Roan,...
Star Wars: A Scanimation Book
R 149.00
Imagine a book whose pages literally recreate your favourite scenes from your favourite movies - in full motion. Sounds like something out of a "Star...
Star Wars Me Reader 8 Bk Box-Set
59% OFF  
R 349.00 R 860.00
This set is perfect for sharing the entire Star Wars original trilogy with your little one. Enjoy the classic adventure of droids, R2-D2 and C-P30,...
Star Wars: Where's Wookiee 2 Search & Find Activity Book
50% OFF  
R 99.00 R 199.00
The exciting sequel to the bestselling Star Wars book of the past 10 years, Where's the Wookiee. Chewbacca is back and on the loose across...
Star Wars Mega Sticker Set
R 79.00
Contains amazing new Star Wars stickers to decorate your books and belongings. This set also contains high quality glow in the dark and holographic stickers,...
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Suitable for young readers, this title features the original, classic "Star Wars" movies - Episode IV, V, and VI. Dimensions : Format : Paperback Age...
Star Wars: Head To Head
R 39.00
Everyone's favorite Star Wars characters are pitted in unlikely and inspired match-ups. Obi-Wan vs. Boba Fett, Luke vs. Anakin, Vader vs. Yoda--who would win? Readers...
Star Wars: Starfighter Workshop
32% OFF  
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Luke and Obi-Wan set out on a mission to Alderaan to rescue Princess Leia. On the way they encounter new friends, old enemies and no...
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Book and Mega Model
60% OFF  
R 199.00 R 500.00
Jump aboard the fastest ship in the Star Wars galaxy with this amazing book and model to make of the Millennium Falcon! Join Han Solo...
Star Wars The Story Of Darth Vader
35% OFF  
R 49.00 R 75.00
Get your child hooked on reading as they discover what lies behind Darth Vader's evil mask. Designed to engage even the most reluctant reader, this...
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Star Wars Mania shows fans of all ages how to turn ordinary objects into incredible intergalactic creations. This amazing book is filled with craft projects,...
DK Reads Star Wars Rebels Meet the Rebels
49% OFF  
R 59.00 R 115.00
Star Wars Rebels (TM): Meet the Rebels reveals the galactic escapades and fun new characters from the series set between the events of Star Wars:...
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In the style of our top selling "How to Speak Zombie", this sound book teaches intergalactic travellers in need how to understand and communicate with...
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: V. 1: Shipyards Of Doom
R 29.00
This title introduces a new, quarterly, original graphic-novella series based on the exciting new motion picture and television show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"!"Shipyards of...
Last Jedi Heroes of the Galaxy
49% OFF  
Sold Out
Follow the exciting adventures of Rey, Finn and Rose in the highly anticipated new film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (TM)! This 48-page book is...
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
61% OFF  
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A fully-illustrated activity book based on the epic conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy. Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance face the ultimate battle...
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