Top Model Neon Gel Pens 6 Pack
R 89.00
Six gel pens in shades of orange, pink, blue, purple, yellow and green provide plenty of colouring fun! The thin tip allows for precise work...
Top Model Special Design Book - Liv
R 179.00
Completely new design ! Contains 60 pages; 4 tutorials; 1 x plastic template; 1 x cardboard template; 4 x fabric sample pages and 1 x...
Top Model Dance Colouring Book
R 189.00
The cover of the book is a 3D flip image of the models Jilland June dancing. The first ten pages of the book + four...
Top Model It's Magic 10 Felt Pens
R 109.00
This pack contains 9 coloured markers plus 1 magic pen. Each coloured felt pen has a fine brush tip for broad and detailed drawing. The...
Top Model My Bff Book [Janet + Fergie + Candy]
R 179.00
TopModel Product! Fantastic way to increase Creativity! Beautifully Illistrated Books Great Value! Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers :
Create Your Top Model Kitty
R 129.00
TOPmodel paint book / booklet Create your kitty. In this beautiful glittery paintings book, you create your very own cats. The paint book contains a lot of...
TOPModel Fineliners 10 Pen Pack
R 119.00
This TOPModel Fineliners of dispatch suitable for precise drawing and particularly in the use of templates and ruler. Dimensions : Format : Age Group :...
Create Your Dream Horse - Sienna & Miss Melody
R 189.00
Unleash your creativity and create your own dream horse! This ring bound book offers endless design options with so many templates and over 650 stickers....
Top Model Basic Colours x 24 Pencils
R 149.00
24 Basic colours. Soft strokes and high colour brilliance. Dimensions : Format : Stationary Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers :
Ylvi And The Minimoomis Magic Scratch
R 139.00
Colorful Scratching Pics with Simple Instructions This book contains everything for magical scratching artworks: 8 pages of black magic ink for creative images, 8 pages...
Create Your Happy Horses
R 129.00
Create your very own happy horse scenes using the fantastic stickers provided. Each double page in the book offers a new scene to decorate. Contains...
Top Model Popstar - Nyela & Candy
R 159.00
Immerse yourself in the world of pop stars and have fun designing unique looks for Nyela and Candy. This ring bound book includes many contour...
Topmodel Coloring Book With Pens And Pencils
R 219.00
This gorgeous ring-bound book contains many different design templates with 11 pencils and 3 fine pens. Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 6-12...
Ylvi And The Minimoomis 5 Gel Pen Pack
R 99.00
Set with 5 gel pens in shades of yellow, pink, blue, purple and black Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers...
Top Model Create Your Fantasy Ballerina
R 159.00
Let your imagination run wild and draw beautiful ballerina outfits! Use enchanting stickers or feathers to give your designs a very special touch! Dimensions :...
TOPModel T-Shirt Designer coloring book
R 139.00
Design the TOPModels' shirts and add your personal statement with lots of cool stickers! Dimensions : Format : Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers...
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