Create Your Top Model Kitty
R 129.00
TOPmodel paint book / booklet Create your kitty. In this beautiful glittery paintings book, you create your very own cats. The paint book contains a lot of...
Top Model It's Magic 10 Felt Pens
R 109.00
This pack contains 9 coloured markers plus 1 magic pen. Each coloured felt pen has a fine brush tip for broad and detailed drawing. The...
TOPModel Fineliners 10 Pen Pack
R 119.00
This TOPModel Fineliners of dispatch suitable for precise drawing and particularly in the use of templates and ruler. Dimensions : Format : Age Group :...
Top Model Basic Colours x 24 Pencils
R 149.00
24 Basic colours. Soft strokes and high colour brilliance. Dimensions : Format : Stationary Age Group : Ages 6-12 Page Numbers :
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