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              True Crime (71)

              A Child Called It

              R 99.00R 155.00

              Against My Will

              R 160.00R 205.00

              Do Or Die: How I Survived Life With A Murderer

              R 49.00

              A Rose For Her Grave : And Other True Stories

              R 89.00

              A Rage To Kill : And Other True Cases

              R 89.00

              Empty promises and other true cases

              R 89.00

              Grave Murder

              R 39.00R 190.00

              Unsolved No Answers To Heinous South African Crimes

              R 29.00R 172.50

              Serial Killers: Addicted to Murder

              R 69.00

              Jack the Ripper Catch Me When You Can

              R 69.00

              Murder Is Forever

              R 148.00R 185.00

              Dealing in Death (New edition)

              R 180.00R 230.00

              Ian Brady And Myra Hindley Murder On The Moors

              R 69.00

              Alphaville : New York, 1988: Welcome to Heroin City

              R 20.00R 105.00

              Crimebusters: How Science Fights Crime

              R 30.00R 51.75

              Gert & Joey

              R 203.00R 260.00

              Brutal School Ties - The Parktown Boys Tragedy

              R 235.00

              THE INNOCENT MAN

              R 79.00

              True Crimes- Undying Love

              R 29.00

              A Boy Without Hope

              R 79.00
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