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    1,2,3...Tuinmaak met Anna en Tanya

    R199,00 R235,00
    Met raad van toeka se dae gekombineerd met moderne vooruitgang het jy alles wat jy nodig het om 'n pragtige tuin te he.


    DK brings this ancient practice into the 21st century, explaining how to grow and care for bonsai trees with a clear step-by-step approach. Offering easy-to-follow advice and simple photography, Bonsai demystifies the art of bonsai with sequences covering the traditional styles of Chokkan, Moyogi, Shakan, and Kengai, as well as deadwood bonsai styles such as Ishizuki, Yose Uye, and Sharimiki.--

    Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook

    R129,00 R140,00
    The Julia Child of gardening shares her own successes and failures in a beautiful new edition.

    1,2,3 ... Garden with Tanya and Anna

    R199,00 R235,00
    Combining information on modern advances with sage, common-sense advice of the past, this book teaches you how to cultivate a beautiful garden now.


    R130,00 R150,00
    All kinds of garden plants û shrubs, climbers, roses, hedges and trees û need pruning to improve their shape and condition, and to encourage more flowers and fruits.

    Jane's delicious A-Z of vegetables

    R240,00 R280,00
    Jane's delicious A-Z of vegetables is an accessible guide to the most commonly-grown vegetables, plus many new and unusual ones now available, with detailed information on how to sow, plant, feed, water, protect, harvest and eat them, as well as save their seed for future generations.

    Disobedient Gardens: Landscapes of Contrast and Contradiction

    R480,00 R565,00
    Landscape designer Michael Cooke presents five of his superbly designed gardens, including his own, which are illustrated by the lyrically beautiful photographs of co-author Brigid Arnott

    Garden design and planning

    R131,00 R150,00
    A useful guide for anyone who has moved into a new house and needs to create a garden that will meet their needs for decades to come. Garden Design and Planning shows you how to convert a bare patch or an existing layout into the garden of your dreams.

    Gardening for birds

    R114,00 R130,00
    This is a charming yet practical guide to planning and designing gardens with a view to attracting birds. It's a companion to the very successful Cooking for birds, also beautifully illustrated by Verne. The author caters for garden situations across the country, and includes advice on planning very small gardens and even planting on balconies.


    R553,00 R655,00
    This superbly elegant book tells the story of one of South AfricaÆs most loved and admired gardens. ItÆs also the story of a historic and beautiful house, a uniquely preserved example of Cape Dutch architecture.

    Love Your Plot: Gardens Inspired by Nature

    R319,00 R365,00
    Shows you how you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful Eden, no matter what plot you have. Fusing different outdoor elements, such as coastal and woodland landscapes, alongside key design principles, the authors present practical tips, unique sketches and designs, planting suggestions and full-colour visuals.

    Container gardens

    R131,00 R150,00
    Growing plants in containers is a quick and easy way to enhance gardens, courtyards, patios and terraces, balconies, windows and entrances.

    The garden of Babylonstoren

    R350,00 R400,00
    The mostly edible garden of Babylonstoren in the Drakenstein Valley of the Cape Winelands has become a must-see for all visitors to the region.

    Small gardens

    R131,00 R150,00
    In a compact garden, vertical and overhead spaces take on a different role. Trellises, pergolas, hanging baskets, window boxes, as well as all manner of tubs and containers, create opportunities that are often overlooked in more expansive gardens.

    The Art of Gardening

    R486,00 R534,31
    To visit Chanticleer is to step into a world of beauty and creativity that few other gardens can match. In The Art of Gardening, you'll learn techniques specific to different conditions and plant palettes; how to use hardscape materials in a fresh way; and how to achieve the perfect union between plant and site.

    The New York Botanical Garden

    R611,00 R873,57
    In The New York Botanical Garden, the institution's remarkable history and collections are presented in one magnificent volume.