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    Road atlas - Western Cape

    R115,00 R140,00

    The Faber Book of Exploration

    R99,00 R360,00
    What does it feel like to walk off the edge of a map? To emerge dazed, dying yet triumphant, from the Amazon? Benedict Allen's anthology of human exploration ranges across various terrains - hot and cold deserts, mountains and plains, jungles and high seas - and presents the words of those who, through the centuries - be they Vikings or missionaries, conquistadors or botanists - have set off into 'the unknown'. 'Immaculately edited and shrewdly considered ...a hugely readable compendium.

    Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

    R149,00 R215,00
    The extraordinary life story of the man described as 'the world's greatest living explorer' by the Guinness Book of Records

    Himalayan Desert

    R99,00 R390,61
    The Himalayan desert is one of the harshest regions of the world. Nonetheless, braving these adversities are the people of the desert who preserve this ancient culture. They are a happy mixture of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Islamic, and Buddhist cultures.

    Africa: Diversity and Development

    R336,00 R395,00
    "Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada"--T.p. verso.

    Urban Problems: An Applied Urban Analysis

    R629,00 R740,00

    Fieldwork Techniques and Projects in Geography

    R502,00 R590,00
    An updated and revised second edition of this popular and well established text, designed for the A level specifications.

    Ladders Science 3: Tricks, Traps, and Tools (Below-Level; Life Science)

    A collection of articles linked together by the topic of structures and behaviors that help living things survive.

    Ladders Science 5: The Galapagos Islands (On-Level)

    A collection of articles linked together by the topic of the Galapagos Islands.

    Cartography: Visualization of Spatial Data

    R387,00 R455,00
    'Cartography' has been extensively rewritten to incorporate an international focus. The text is designed to assist with the visualisation of spatial data, essential for analytical and communication purposes.

    Ladders Science 4: Let's Keep Moving!: On-Level

    A collection of articles linked together by the topic of machines that move from one place to another.

    Ladders Science 5: Exploring Above and Beyond (On-Level)

    A collection of articles linked together by the topic of exploring the solar system.

    The Geography of Transport Systems

    R544,00 R640,00
    Revised edition of The geography of transport systems, 2013.

    Integrated Urban Water Management: Arid and Semi-Arid Regions: UNESCO-IHP

    R1 811,00 R2 130,00
    Examining integrated management of water resources in urban settings, this book focuses on issues specific to arid and semi-arid regions. It provides an overview of the various aspects of IUWM in arid and semi-arid regions, emphasizing water supply technologies such as artificial recharge, water transfers, desalination, and rainfall harvesting.

    The Geography of Transport Systems

    R391,00 R460,00