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    Designing Socially Just Learning Communities: Critical Literacy Education Across the Lifespan

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    Demonstrating the power and potential of educators working together to use literacy practices that make changes in people's lives, this book blends the voices of participants in a teacher-led professional development group to provide a lifespan perspective on designing critical literacy practices.

    Handbook of Professional Development in Education: Successful Models and Practices, PreK-12

    R2 060,00
    Synthesizing the best current knowledge on teacher professional development (PD), this handbook describes effective, innovative practices that are being used in schools today. Leading authorities present PD approaches that are instructive, reflective, active, collaborative, and substantive. The book explores the relationship of PD to adult learning theory, school leadership, district and state policy, the growth of professional learning communities, and the Common Core State Standards. Practical issues in implementing PD are addressed, as are strategies for measuring and sustaining successful programs. Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking discussion questions. The appendix provides eight illuminating case studies of PD initiatives in diverse schools.

    Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe: 2014

    This is an annually updated presentation of each sovereign country in Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe, past and present.

    The Europa World of Learning 2016

    R16 027,00 R18 855,00

    Stella Iuris

    This commemorative work marks the hundredth year in which law has been taught at the University in Pietermaritzburg. It details the history of the teaching of law in Pietermaritzburg, and gathers contributions from top academics connected in various ways with the Faculty in Pietermaritzburg.

    Knowledge in the blood

    How is it that young Afrikaners, born at the time of MandelaÆs release from prison, hold firm views about a past they never lived, rigid ideas about black people and fatalistic thoughts about the future?

    A Toolkit for Deans


    The Perfect Further Education Lesson

    The Perfect (Ofsted) Further Education Lesson will help teachers, trainers, tutors and assessors provide consistently outstanding learning experiences that make a real difference to their learners.

    Activity Theory in Practice: Promoting Learning Across Boundaries and Agencies

    R544,00 R640,00
    Studies the transformation of practice through the enhancement and transformation of expertise.