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We want YOU, oh yes we do, to write book reviews and join our crew!


Do you love reading books? Like sharing your opinon? Want to get REWARDED to share your opinion?  Then why not sign up and join our Readers Warehouse Review Team!


This is how it works:

  • Pop us an email (see below).
  • Wait until you get approved and we pop you an email
  • You can start reviewing your little heart out.  
  • You will get paid R2 for every review you write which will get paid out at the end of every month with a Readers Warehouse voucher. 
  • Not only will you get monthly vouchers for the reviews you write,from time to time you will get sent books to review too...YOU LUCKY FISH
Your reviews can be as long or as short at you'd like to write them just as long as they're UNIQUE and haven't been copied from anywhere.  We will be checking your reviews before we publish them. 
How to be part of the team:
Pop us an email on telling us the following
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • what you like to read
We will pop you a little email and then you can get started being a super duper book reviewer!