The Complete Tiny Book of Hugs
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The Complete Tiny Book of Hugs

Author: Kathlen Keating
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  • SKU: 9780007113200
This perfect gift combines the two highly successful tiny books of hugs in a complete guide to the practice of hugging. This delightful mini-book combines the best-selling Tiny Book of Hugs 1 and 2, in (tiny) paperback form. This is a reminder for every one of the pleasures and practical benefits of hugging: a self-help tool for anyone who wishes to hug or be hugged more. It advocates hug therapy as the “practice of administering hugs for the purpose of curing or healing, or of preserving health. Treatment of disease through the simple, physical means of hugging”. With lovely line drawings capturing the overwhelmingly simple message, this book is an adorable combination of words and pictures which shows the power of sharing our hugs around.

Dimensions : 0 X 62 X 76 cm
Format : Paperback
Age Group : ADULT
Page Numbers : Distributor