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The Supper Club Cookbook

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The Supper Club is a collection of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion. The author, Phillippa Cheifi tz, and a group of her friends get together for a supper once a month. The venue, host and menu change on a monthly basis and the menu is matched to the season or particular occasion.

This is the inspiration for the book: preparing a well-cooked and delicious meal for friends to gather around the table and reconnect. With 16 chapters and 90 recipes, there is truly something for everyone. The recipes range from basics such as Lemon olives and Feta and phyllo appetisers, to Crumbled lamb pie, Lemon-poached fish with fennel and drinks such as Frozen strawberry margaritas and White sangria to delicious desserts such as Warm ricotta cheesecake and hot cherry sauce and Crisp apple wontons with apple sorbet.

The Supper Club will inspire young and old to revamp the age-old tradition of gathering around a beautifully set table with loved ones.